Being nervous simply means that you desperately want to be able to show the fruits of your labor.
Aoi Himekawa
Japanese 姫川 葵
Translation Himekawa Aoi
Character information
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Likes Volleyball
Team Tsubakihara Academy
Number 14
Position Pinch Server
Occupation High School Student
Background information
Chapter "Attack and Defense"
Image gallery (2)

Aoi Himekawa (Japanese: 姫川 葵 Himekawa Aoi) is a first year student and pinch server at Tsubakihara Academy.


Himekawa is a young-looking boy with an average build. He appears to have short light brown hair. He wears Tsubakihara's uniform with the number 14 on it. He also wears knee pads and the Tsubakihara headband around his forehead.


Himekawa seems to be a timid and shy person, similar to Tadashi Yamaguchi. He is hardworking and wants to improve his skills.


Not much is known about his background.


Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit


Himekawa is solid in receiving, as are all of his teammates, and he specializes in underhand and ceiling serves. During the Tsubakihara vs. Karasuno match in nationals, he was able to score 2 points for his team using the ceiling serve. It was eventually successfully received by Asahi Azumane and Yū Nishinoya.





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