Nishinoya x asahi Yū Nishinoya

Nishinoya admires and relies on Asahi and is generally the one to stick up for or comfort him. Nishinoya also refused to return to the volleyball team unless Asahi also returned, although Coach Ukai pushed him into playing a practice match. Despite this, Asahi has been shown to be slightly scared of Nishinoya. Nishinoya is also extremely blunt and would point out Asahi's mistakes and remind him of his past, but the latter doesn't seem to mind.

AsahiSuga Kōshi Sugawara

Sugawara had been Asahi's setter for a long time until Asahi left the team after their defeat. Sugawara was the first person that tried to convince Asahi to come back though his efforts were futile. Sugawara knows which toss Asahi prefers and always puts the ace's feelings into account; he wouldn't toss to Asahi during the practice match against the Neighborhood Association at first because he didn't want to force Asahi to spike when he didn't want to. However, Asahi soon changed his way of thinking during the match and called out for a toss, and Sugawara happily gave it to him. Since then, their relationship has recovered tremendously. Sugawara and Daichi usually team up to pick on or encourage Asahi, and the latter has once stated that the two act like his parents.

DaichiAsahi Daichi Sawamura

Daichi and Asahi have been playing together since their first years and are extremely close friends. Daichi was disheartened when Asahi left the team, but he trusted Asahi to return and never ran after him. So when Asahi did return, Daichi wasn't surprised at all and instead, acted like nothing ever happened. Their relationship never really changed much and even when he was off the team, Asahi was still afraid of Daichi, stating that he's scary when he's angry.

HinataAsahi1 Shōyō Hinata

Hinata is mainly responsible for Asahi's return to the team. At first, Hinata was jealous of Asahi due to him being the ace, but Asahi encouraged Hinata to accept his position as a decoy. Since then, Hinata works hard to open a path up for the ace during matches.


Asahi and Hinata's collision

During the summer camp arc, the two ran into some trouble when Hinata almost took a ball meant for Asahi during a practice game. Though it wasn't intentional, the feeling Hinata gave off was almost like he was trying to steal the ball from the ace. Asahi was a bit unnerved and decided to use the rivalry as motivation to improve.

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