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Atsumu Miya
Japanese 宮侑
Translation Miya Atsumu
Character information
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Height 183 cm (6' 0")
Family Osamu Miya (twin brother)
Team Inarizaki High School
Position Setter
Occupation High School Student (2nd Year)
Background information
Chapter "Monsters"
Image gallery (3)
Atsumu Miya (Japanese: 宮侑 Miya Atsumu) is a second year setter at Inarizaki High School who was invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp with Kageyama. He is the twin brother of Osamu Miya.

Appearance Edit

Miya has a light-coloured fringe similar to Shirabu's. It appears to be dyed, as he also has a darker undercut. His eyebrows are a dark colour, most likely his original hair colour. His eyes are large and hooded and droop slightly.

Personality Edit

Miya is a provocative, but carefree person. Though he likes to annoy people, he sometimes gives offhand compliments. He's often shown with a lazy smile on his face, but he can be arrogant and condescending.


Not much is known about his background, but it's been noted that he speaks in a Kansai dialect. Since Miya was invited to the All-Japan Youth training camp, he's at a very high skill level. He also hinted that his team would be at nationals.


Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit

Preparation for Nationals

He's invited to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp[1]. During the first practice match, when Kageyama messes up, Miya chuckles lightly and later, seems to focus a lot of his attention on the first year.

Sometime later, during a break, he approaches Kageyama as the latter was talking to Hoshiumi. After Kageyama tells Hoshiumi that he's not really affected by his jumping power, Miya laughs and calls Kageyama a cool and collected person. He then bluntly tells the first year that he initially thought Kageyama was a badass, but he can now see that Kageyama's just a goody-two-shoes. This annoys the latter, who glares at Miya hostilely.

The final practice match, Miya tosses to Kageyama for the first time[2]. Kageyama easily hits it and tells Miya later that his tosses are easy to hit. Arrogantly, Miya replies that people who can't hit his tosses are scrubs. He then asks Kageyama if he enjoys spiking more than setting because Kageyama seems to be annoyed when he sets. Kageyama doesn't understand and stresses that he's a setter, and Miya leaves it at that. Kageyama suddenly reminds him of what he said about his being a goody-two-shoes, and Miya replies that he just means Kageyama is obedient and honest.

As the players head home, Miya waves to Kageyama and tells him that they'll meet again at nationals.


Miya watches Karasuno's first match against Tsubakihara and notes that Kageyama's completely different from when he was at the camp[3]. He then turns to Hinata, having seen his jumping power and speed, and wonders who he is.

Statistics Edit

Miya is a high-caliber setter. Though he hasn't been shown setting powerful tosses, it's been shown that his tosses are very easy to hit.

Miya creates illusion that the spikers have improved.

He is also noted for his ability to do both jump floaters and jump serves.


Tobio KageyamaEdit

Kageyama took an immediate dislike to Miya when the second year called him a goody-two-shoes, but Miya later explained that he was referring to how Kageyama was diligent, honest, and obedient; it's still unknown though if Miya intended his explanation to be a compliment or another deragatory comment. Despite this, Kageyama doesn't hold the grudge for long. Miya seems to be amused by Kageyama for some reason and calls him "Tobio-kun".

Trivia Edit


  • "People who can't hit my tosses are nothin' but scrubs." (To Kageyama, Chapter 219)

References Edit

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