Amazing talent is sometimes hidden due to environment.
Even if your opponent is so formidable that you definitely don't seem a match for them, if you don't go into it intending to win, you'll never be able to.
We're going to win the first round [of Spring High] for sure!
We'll never win if we don't believe we can.
Even if we're not confident that we'll win,even if others tell us we don't stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that.
The poor third-year that was replaced by the genius first year.' I'm sure that's how some people would see Suga, but Suga is Karasuno's other setter.
I...of course, I want to keep playing! I want to keep playing volleyball with you guys [Asahi and Sugawara]!
To Asahi Azumane and Kōshi Sugawara during their conversation about whether or not they should leave the team before the Spring tournament, Season 1, Episode 25
It's [the Spring tournament] the stage that Karasuno has been to just once in the past -Tokyo, the Orange Court. We're [Karasuno] going to go there one more time!
To Karasuno team, Season 1, Episode 25

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