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Eri Miyanoshita
Japanese 宮ノ下英里
Translation Miyanoshita Eri
Character information
Gender Female
Home town Kanagawa Prefecture
Home country Japan
Team Ubugawa High
Position Manager
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Ubugawa High
Background information
Chapter "Room to Grow"
Episode "Center Ace"
Japanese Misa Kayama
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Eri Miyanoshita (Japanese: 宮ノ下英里 Miyanoshita Eri) is a student at Ubugawa High. She is one of the Boys' Volleyball Team's managers.

Appearance Edit

Eri has medium length green-black hair styled in twintails and slate-green eyes.

Like the volleyball team, she wears a yellow t-shirt during the training camp and white track pants with two blue vertical stripes on either side on the legs.

Personality Edit



Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Statistics Edit


Trivia Edit


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