"Female Manager"
Female Manager
Japanese title 女子マネージャー
translation title Joshi Manējā
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Volume Moonrise
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Kageyama-kun from class 3
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Why is it that Noya-san is so cool, but still isn’t popular with girls?
"Female Manager" (Japanese: 女子マネージャー Joshi Manējā) is an extra chapter in Volume 10. The book was published on April 4, 2014.

Overview Edit

Taketora wants a female manager to match Karasuno, which has two of them. However, he finds himself unable to talk to girls and has to resort to asking Tanaka for help.

Plot Edit

At Nekoma, Taketora informs his teammates that Karasuno now has two managers, a grave state of affair. Kenma replies that if they get a female manager too, a certain "big brother" of theirs will ask if they're just doing it for the ratings boost again. Taketora asks Kuroo if they could get a female manager, and the captain consents. However, the rest of the team soon leaves that task to Taketora.

Later, he goes to a classroom and unknowingly glares at the students inside, intimidating the girls there. He ends up texting Tanaka for help with talking to girls without them ignoring him. Sugawara notes that Taketora probably won't gain any knowledge from Tanaka.

Appearances Edit

Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

  • Kenma is an only child.

Trivia Edit

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