"I totally forgot"
I Totally Forgot
Japanese title ど忘れした
translation title Do Wasure Shita
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Volume Full Moon
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"I totally forgot" (Japanese: ど忘れした Do Wasure Shita) is an extra chapter in Volume 19. The book was published on December 4, 2015.


Bokuto complains to Akaashi about a common phrase that he thinks is rude and cowardly. Just then, one of the managers comes in and looks for the notebook that she had lent Bokuto a week ago. He sheepishly admits that he totally forgot about it, only for Yukie to beat him up.


In Fukurōdani's club room, a distressed Bokuto tells Akaashi to ask him what's wrong and Akaashi complies reluctantly. The ace complains that when someone says "I totally forgot", it doesn't make his or her mistake seem as bad because of the word "totally". Bokuto exclaims that he hates it when people say it because it's rude.

One of the managers then barges in and asks Bokuto if he has her notebook that she lent him last week. Bokuto gets nervous and hesitantly admits that he totally forgot. Angrily, the manager beats him up and storms out of the room as Akaashi wonders if "totally" has the opposite effect depending on the timing and the subject. On the ground, Bokuto apologizes for saying "I totally forgot" was cowardly.


Chapter notesEdit

Character RevelationsEdit

  • Akaashi can change clothes very quickly.


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