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Inarizaki High School
Kanji 稲荷崎高校
Romaji Inarizaki Kōkō
Captain Shinsuke Kita
Coach Tarou Oomi

Inarizaki High School (Japanese: 稲荷崎高校 Inarizaki Kōkō) is a high school in the Hyōgo Prefecture.

Volleyball ClubEdit

The boy's volleyball team is very strong. They were the runners-up of the last Interhigh. They defeated Kiryu and his team in the semifinals before taking a set from eventual champions Itachiyama Academy. The year prior, Inarizaki finished in the 3rd place in both the Interhigh and Spring High tournaments. They are the second seed in the current Spring High Tournament.[1]


Name Position Year Status
Tarou OomiCoach ?Active
Name Number Position Year Status
Shinsuke Kita#1Wing Spiker / Captain 3rd YearActive
Oomimi#2Middle Blocker 3rd YearActive
Aran Ojiro#4Wing Spiker 3rd YearActive
Ginjima#5Wing Spiker 2nd YearActive
Atsumu Miya #7Setter2nd YearActive
Rintarō Suna#10Middle Blocker 2nd YearActive
Osamu Miya #11 Wing Spiker / Opposite Hitter2nd YearActive
Akagi#15Libero 3rd YearActive

Spring High National TournamentEdit

For Nationals, Inarizaki placed as second seed and was exempt from the first round. Their first match was played on B court as its second match of second day[2].

Second Round

  • Inarizaki High School vs Karasuno High [Miyagi] (0:0 / 7-4) (ongoing)


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  2. Chapter 248

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