Daichi, you're not being as loud as usual. A captain can't lose his composure!
To Daichi, lecturing him during the match in the Inter-high tournament with Aobajōsai, Episode 21

If it were just me against Aobajōsai, I wouldn't stand a chance, but my teammates are plenty strong.
Episode 21

But now that I'm on the court, the enemies are giants, and their spikes are directed right at me. Honestly, it scares me. Before, I would have let it affect me, but now, you've [Tobio] got my back. I feel really confident.
To Kageyama, Episode 21

The points we get when I'm on the court, and the points we get when you're [Tobio] on the court -all together, they're points for Karasuno.
To Kageyama, Episode 21

I'll fight my best, and you'll [Tobio] fight your best. That's how we're going to defeat Seijoh!
To Kageyama, Episode 21

Slowly, I feel like I'm being strangled. Yet, strangely, I feel calm because panic hasn't affected my concentration just yet. That's because our goal is so clear in front of us.
Episode 21

I want to be in the game. I want to stay here longer. I want to stay with these guys. Give me the thrill of the court. I want to fight with these guys longer. Let me feel out of breath. Let me stand here. I want to touch the ball. I want to fight. I want to throw up a toss with my own hands over and over. Then, we'll [Karasuno] win the match that's right in front of us!
During the Inter-high tournament match against Aobajōsai, Episode 21

It's a bit frustrating, but Hinata's face when he hits my toss isn't the same as when he hits your [Tobio] toss.
Episode 21

I think you [Tobio] know this, but all of our [Karasuno's] guys are really strong.
Episode 21

All right. Let's (kate yo)- let's win this thing (katsu zo)!
To Kageyama, Episode 21

Every player feels the same pride about the fact that they're going to be on the court, no matter whether they're some genius or just a regular guy.
Episode 22

Sensei, I don't play volleyball for merit.
To a teacher during their discussion about Sugawara's future, Episode 25

There it is! Negative beard!!
to Asahi about them [the 3rd Years] not being able to return to Tokyo if they [Karasuno] get knocked out of the Spring Tournament prelims, Season 2 Episode 11

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