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Kōsuke Sakunami
Sakunami anime
Japanese 作並浩輔
Translation Sakunami Kōsuke
Character information
Other names Saku-kun (by Mai Nametsu)
Gender Male
Age 16
Date of birth August 30
Height 164.1 cm (5' 4") - April
166 cm (5' 5") - December
Weight 59.5 kg (131 lbs)
Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Likes Kaki-pi
Team Date Tech High
Number 13
Position Libero
Occupation High School Student
(1st Year, Class A)
Affiliation Date Tech High
Background information
Chapter "The Iron Wall"
Episode "Revival"
Japanese Mao Oonishi
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Kōsuke Sakunami (Japanese: 作並浩輔 Sakunami Kōsuke) is a 1st year libero of Date Tech High.


Sakunami is quite small in both size and build. He has large, brown eyes, straight black hair with a fringe parted in the middle, and small, thick eyebrows.


Sakunami is sincere and hardworking, taking his job as a libero very seriously.



Interhigh ArcEdit

Sakunami is first seen in the first match between Datekou and Karasuno High, where he plays as the team's libero.

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

Later on he appears as a spectator at the Karasuno vs Johzenji High match along with Futakuchi, Aone and Obara and gives insight into how Johzenji trains, saying that the volleyball club always spends more than half of each practice session playing 2-on-2 games. On that same page he says he has a friend on the Johzenji High basketball team, which is how he knows this.

In the Spring Tournament he plays with Datekou against Aobajōsai High in the quarterfinals, with the role of "steering" Koganegawa.


Game Sense

Relationships Edit

Kanji Koganegawa Edit

In a flashback during the Datekou vs Aobajousai match, the coach told Sakunami that he would need to "steer" Koganegawa due to the latter's lack of technique. Sakunami is seen putting this into practice during the match, and it is also confirmed that they are in the same class, 1-A.


  • His favourite food is Kaki-pi.
  • His current concern is that "I'd be happy if I could grow a little taller."
  • Koganegawa and Sakunami are in the same class
  • His star sign is Virgo.


  • "I'll aim my receive to go to the best spot for Koganegawa-kun!" (during the quarterfinals.) 


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