What will happen in the future and whether or not you can win the next match... for once, none of that matters. Crushing the guys in front of you, and the amazing feeling of having shown 120% of your strength, are everything.
-To Tsukishima, Chapter 89
It's a matter of whether 'that moment' exists for you or not...If you experience that moment, it'll really get you hooked on volleyball.
-To Tsukishima about why Bokuto goes to such lengths to practice volleyball, Chapter 89
Spiking isn't just about slamming the ball to the floor. If you keep your cool, you'll be able to see what action to take.
-To Hinata, Chapter 91
Oho ho?
(Chapter 89)
Oya, oya?
(Season 2, Episode 8)
Akaashi... Don't toss to me anymore!
-Bokuto's dejected mode; Season 2, Episode 11
Hey, hey, hey!
(Season 2, Episode 11)

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