"Kageyama-kun from class 3"
Kageyama-kun from class 3
Japanese title 3組の影山君
translation title 3-Kumi no Kageyama-kun
Chapter Information
Volume A "Solitary King" No Longer
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"Kageyama-kun from class 3" (Japanese: 3組の影山君 3-Kumi no Kageyama-kun) is the second extra chapter in Volume 8. The book was published on October 4, 2013.

Overview Edit

Hinata's initially jealous of Kageyama when he hears three girls conversing about his skill and appearance. However, they soon discover Kageyama's true nature and quickly abandon their feelings.

Plot Edit

Hinata's in the hallway when he hears a few girls comment on how cool Kageyama is. Hinata's annoyed when he hears them calling Kageyama the volleyball team's ace because Asahi, Tanaka, and he are the true aces. One of the girls mentions how Kageyama always looks so serious, in which Hinata says that the only thing which is serious about that guy is his expression. The girls then pass by the classroom where supplementary classes are being held and spot Kageyama. However, they are soon disappointed to see Kageyama alseep with his eyes rolled to the back of his head, who is surrounded by boys laughing and taking photos of the situation. They walk away, quickly casting their admiration for the setter aside, as Hinata celebrates. This is cut short when his teacher angrily reminds him of his own supplementary lessons and calls him into the classroom.

Appearances Edit

Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

  • The girls at Karasuno High are attracted to Kageyama because of how serious he usually looks and his ability as a volleyball player (they assume he's the ace).
  • Kageyama and Hinata are bad at studying and require supplementary lessons.

Trivia Edit

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