Tokyo Expedition Arc Edit

He's part of the Fukurōdani team that goes to the summer training camp[1].


Akaashi stands alongside Kuroo and Bokuto

Kuroo's practicing with Bokuto when they spot Tsukishima and invite him to block for them[2]. As Tsukishima's trying to reject, Akaashi appears behind Bokuto, stating that no one else from Fukurōdani will practice with the ace because Bokuto's spiking practices are endless. Tsukishima joins the match, going on Kuroo's side. Akaashi sets for Bokuto.

Some time later, after Yamaguchi yells at Tsukishima for his behavior[3], Tsukishima approaches Bokuto, Akaashi, and Kuroo, who are practicing together again. Tsukishima asks them why they would train so much for a simple club and as Kuroo and Bokuto's replies start going off topic, Akaashi tells Tsukishima not to interrupt as it will only lengthen their antics.

Akaashi Keiji

Akaashi prepares to set the ball

Season 2 Episode 9-0

The Owls versing the Cats to a three-on-three match

Tsukishima practices with Bokuto, Kuroo, and Akaashi again but this time, Hinata and Lev join them[4]. A 3-on-3 match's created with Akaashi, Hinata, and Bokuto on one team (the Owls) and Lev, Kuroo, and Tsukishima on another (the Cats); Akaashi states that the teams are incredibly unbalanced because his team's composed of the shortest players while the Cats are the opposite. At the end of the game, as Bokuto announces that he will teach Hinata a special skill, Akaashi watches him apprehensively.

In Fukurōdani's practice match against the whole Karasuno team, Hinata pulls off the move that Bokuto taught him. Akaashi points it out[5], embarrassing Bokuto. As the game progresses, Bokuto starts making mistakes. Akaashi goes over the choices he can make that will have the least trouble with Bokuto. In the end, he decides that he would rather toss to Bokuto so he won't sulk. However, Bokuto makes an attack error and becomes depressed, so Akaashi tells him to stay in the background and take the time to calm down. Akaashi continues playing normally even as he plans for Bokuto's comeback[6]. In the end, Bokuto regains his confidence and scores the winning point.

At the barbecue, Akaashi hands a cup of water to a choking Kageyama[7].


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