I don't think it's possible to prevent them from scoring even a single point, though.

“That’s something we should never try. Hinata hit it like it was nothing, but I believe it would take a lot of practice to hit a toss like that. Not to mention… Making a toss float at the point of impact is an incredible move. At my skill level, that’s impossible.”
(to Kōtarō Bokuto on Hinata and Kageyama's new fast attack during Summer Training Camp, Chapter 94)

In other words, they are no longer paying attention to our ace.

We'll let you have the good part, so make your comeback already, ace!
(Chapter 95)

Well then. Don't think or worry about anything... Just spike some crosses. As long as it feels good. We'll be sure to clear a path for you.
-To Bokuto, Chapter 195