Japanese キリュウ
Translation Kiryuu
Character information
Gender Male
Position Ace
Occupation High School Student
Background information
Chapter "Above"
Episode "Above"
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Kiryu (Japanese: キリュウ Kiryuu) is said to be one of the nation's top three aces, along with Ushijima and Sakusa.

Appearance Edit

He has dark hair and a buzz-cut with bald stripes along the sides of his head.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

He currently lives in Kyushu and is one of the nation's top three aces.

Plot Edit

Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Although he hasn't made an official appearance yet, he is first introduced during the BBQ, when Kuroo was describing the top three aces in the country to Hinata and Lev[1].

Tokyo Nationals Arc Edit

Kiryu appears on the second day of nationals with the rest of his team.

Statistics Edit

According to Kuroo, he is one of the top 3 spikers of Japan. That being said, he must have a fierce spike that rivals Sakusa and Ushijima.

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References Edit

  1. Chapter 97