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Manabu Naoi
Japanese 直井学
Translation Naoi Manabu
Character information
Gender Male
Age 26
Home town Tokyo
Home country Japan
Team Nekoma High
Number 8 (former)
Position Setter
Occupation Coach
Affiliation Nekoma High
Background information
Chapter "True Feelings"
Episode "A Toss to the Ace"
Japanese Yamamoto Kanehira
Image gallery (4)
Manabu Naoi (Japanese: 直井学 Naoi Manabu) is one of the coaches of Nekoma High's Boys' Volleyball Team.


He has a rectangular shaped head and a jutted jaw. His hair is dark and short cut, and his eyes are of the same dark colour. He appears to have a slight widow's peak.


He seemingly has a competitive personality, as at the end of the first Nekoma and Karasuno match, he and Keishin Ukai get worked up against each other.


Seven years ago, he was in the Nekoma Volleyball Club at the same time as Ukai was in Karasuno's and played as a setter with the number 8. However, like Ukai, he wasn't a starting member and because of that, the two called themselves the "Benchwarmers Club".


Karasuno High Team Formation ArcEdit

Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit


Naoi used to be a setter, but he wasn't good enough to be a starting member.


Keishin UkaiEdit

The two seems to have a good relationship; when they first saw each other again after so many years, they joked about each other's appearances. They met back when they were in high school, possibly in their teams' practice matches. They both got along due to their similar situations of not being a starting member, and thus dubbed themselves the "Benchwarmers Club".

Nekoma HighEdit


  • Current Concern: he's been told that he's "worse with alcohol than he looks".


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