Natsu Hinata
Natsu hinata
Japanese 日向夏
Translation Hinata Natsu
Character information
Gender Female
Family Shōyō Hinata (older brother)
Unnamed mother
Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Background information
Chapter "The Road to Tokyo"
Episode "A Coward's Anxiety"
Japanese Yamazaki Haruka
Image gallery (6)
Natsu Hinata (Japanese: 日向夏 Hinata Natsu) is Hinata's younger sister.


Like her elder brother Hinata, Natsu has short, wild orange hair and wide dark brown eyes.


She is loud and cheerful, often jumping onto her brother as soon as he's home.


She appears to be an elementary school student, but her actual age is unknown. Natsu lives with her mother and brother in Yukigaoka. Some guess that she and Hinata have a six year age gap.


Throughout the series, Natsu has been seen asking her brother to play with her or yelling at him for being too loud. She hasn't had a major role in the plot yet.

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

When Kenma announces his team's advance to nationals through a text[1], Hinata was showering. Natsu notices and calls out to her brother, who rushes over. She leaves him alone as he cheers before he rushes outside. Alarmed, Natsu tells their mother, who yells at her son.

Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit

Natsu goes outside to see her brother practicing[2]. She asks to do it too and Hinata remarks that it's impossible for her. Indignant, Natsu exclaims that she's the best at athletics and tries a move Hinata shows her. She fails and Hinata laughs at her before showing her how he does it. Natsu remarks that it seems like Hinata and the ball have really become friends; in the past, Hinata had a lot of trouble with volleyball but now, he's doing well.


It's unknown if Natsu plays any sports, but she has claimed that she's good at anything athletic.


Shōyō HinataEdit

Natsu often asks her brother to play jump rope with her and sometimes sleeps in his room with him, though on a separate mattress.


  • Nomenclature
    • Natsu (夏) - Summer
    • Hinata (日向) - Place in (Towards) the Sun



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