Norimune Kurosu
Kurosu norimune
Japanese 黒須 法宗
Translation Kurosu Norimune
Character information
Gender male
Age 41
Occupation Inarizaki High School (Coach)
Background information
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Norimune Kurosu (Japanese: 黒須 法宗 Kurosu Norimune) is a coach of Inarizaki High School

Appearances Edit

Kurosu is a middle aged man with short and light-colored hair. His eyebrow, however, is much darker. He wears a black-rimmed glasses.

Personality Edit

As the coach of Inarizaki, Kurosu shares the team's moto "We don't need memories" and encourages his player to always challenge themselves. He appears to be rather fair and open-minded as seen when he gives a second chance to Riseki without getting angry at him for messing up his first serve. 

He is also a dog lover. It is revealed that the member of his family most attached to him is probably his dog. [1]

Background Edit

Kurosu seems to have been head coach for Inarizaki for a while now. He is seen watching one of the Miya twins' matches when they were still in junior high.

Plot Edit

Tokyo National ArcEdit

Kurosu leads his team Inarizaki to face off against Karasuno on the second day of the Spring Interhigh. Throughout the match, he is seen giving advice to his players about how to deal with Karasuno. When the first year Riseki plays safe after he is subbed in to pinch serve, Kurosu encourages him by talking to him about the team's motto to always rise up to the challenge. [2]

Overall, he is a very experienced coach who can quickly recognize how a certain play can affect the flow of a game. After the loss to Karasuno, he takes the responsibility for not employing more offensive plays, but is grateful that this match spurred immense growth in his players. [3]

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Trivia Edit

  • Kurosu has a tendency to use dogs as example in his explanations to his players, indicating that he is a dog lover.
  • Kurosu is named after the Cross Fox, also known as "クロスキツネ" or kurosu kitsune.

Quotes Edit

  • "Our team isn't even the top team in Japan, so if we kept clinging onto the glory of last year, the glory of yesterday, what can we possibly hope to achieve come tomorrow?" (To Riseki, Chapter 280)

References Edit

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