"Oikawa Hanger"
Oikawa Hanger
Japanese title おいかわハーンがー
translation title Oikawa Hāngā
Chapter Information
Volume The Struggles of the Formerly Weak-Willed
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Director Ennoshita
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The Fight Is Not Over
"Oikawa Hanger" (Japanese: おいかわハーンがー Oikawa Hāngā) is an extra chapter in Volume 16. The book was published on May 1, 2015.

Overview Edit

The Aobajōsai players talk about the freebie that came with pre-orders for Seijō jerseys. Iwaizumi ends up giving Oikawa a new nickname: Oikawa Hanger.

Plot Edit

Hanamaki holds up a hanger with Oikawa's image on it and calls it an Oikawa Hanger. He comments that it would make a great prank, and Watari adds that lame and embarrassing clothes can be hung from the hanger. Most of the guys make fun of it, but Oikawa's happy that he has his own hanger and exclaims that everyone shouldn't be jealous of him. Holding up the hanger, Iwaizumi wonders if it would make a funny face if he bends it in the middle, like a 1000 yen bill. Flustered, Oikawa tries to rescue his hanger from the ace. In the struggle, Iwaizumi calls Oikawa a Hanger Bastard, starting a new nickname for the latter.

A few days later, the members have gotten used to calling Oikawa "Hanger". This soon spreads around the school and students start assuming that Oikawa's surname is actually Hanger and that he's half-foreign. Oikawa seems to be happy by this and notes that he can now pass for being half-foreign, and Iwaizumi comments that the ability to think so positively is incredible.

Appearances Edit

Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In an old promotion, an Oikawa hanger came with pre-orders for Aobajōsai jerseys.

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