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Osamu Miya
Osamu Miya
Japanese 宮 治
Translation Miya Osamu
Character information
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Height 183 cm
Family Atsumu Miya (twin brother)
Team Inarizaki High School
Position Wing Spiker
Occupation High School Student (2nd Year)
Affiliation Inarizaki High School
Background information
Chapter "Day 2"
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Osamu Miya (Japanese: 宮治 Miya Osamu) is a second year wing spiker at Inarizaki High School and the twin brother of Atsumu Miya.


He has a large build and is very similar in appearance to his brother, which shows that they are most likely identical twins. Osamu's hair is slightly darker and his bangs are flipped to the opposite side.


Osamu seems to be the calmer of the Miya twins. He is shown to be rather laid back and deadpan. However, after Atsumu misses his serve, Osamu jokes around by booing him, so he does seem to have a sense of humor, at least in regards to his brother.


Osamu lives in Hyogo Prefecture and attends Inarizaki High School with his twin brother. He is currently a second year and is a member of his school's boys' volleyball team.


Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit



Atsumu MiyaEdit

Osamu and Atsumu seem to be very close. Osamu knows Atsumu well enough to know exactly what makes him angry. He is also unafraid to make fun of Atsumu.

Inarizaki High SchoolEdit




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