Reon Ōhira
Japanese 大平獅音
Translation Ohira Reon
Character information
Other names Benkei (by Hinata)
Gender Male
Age 18
Date of birth October 30
Height 182.7 cm (5' 11.9")
Weight 82.4 kg (181.7 lbs)
Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Likes Mackerel cooked in miso
Team Shiratorizawa Academy
Number 4
Position Wing Spiker
Occupation High School Student
(3rd Year, Class 4)
Affiliation Shiratorizawa Academy
Background information
Chapter "Formidable Opponents"
Episode "Formidable Opponents"
Japanese Tanzawa Teruyuki
Image gallery (19)
Reon Ōhira (Japanese: 大平獅音 Ohira Reon) is a third year wing spiker at Shiratorizawa Academy.


He has black hair, thick triangular-shaped eyebrows, round eyes, a big nose, and large lips. His hair is thicker on top but shorter and more of a buzzcut on the bottom. He has a large build.


He takes the matches seriously and is very supportive of his teammates. Ohira has a soothing personality and tends to be responsible for calming his teammates down when they're hyped up.



Interhigh ArcEdit


Shiratorizawa's featured on TV after destroying Ougiminami.

Shiratorizawa won against Ougiminami (2:0 / 25-10, 25-6) and then went on to face off against Aobajousai in the finals. After that match ended with Shiratorizawa's win, Ohira walked off the court behind Ushijima[1].

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit

During warmups[2], Ohira caught a stray ball and handed it to Hinata, who automatically noticed his close resemblance to Benkei. Tendou pointed it out, but Ohira replied that it doesn't really match his personality.

The match soon started. Ohira received a ball in Ushijima's place, confirming popular belief that the ace doesn't receive[3]. Throughout most of the sets, Ohira played inconspicuously, spiking only when necessary.


Original Statistics
Game Sense

So far, he hasn't demonstrated any outstanding skills, but he appears to be pretty good at receiving and feints. Ohira seems to be the type that works in the background to support his teammates to going for flashy plays to score points by himself.

He has a strong jump serve that can put pressure on the opposing team.


Wakatoshi UshijimaEdit

Out of all the players on Shiratorizawa, Ohira seems to get along with Ushijima the most. He would compliment Ushijima and support him, such as taking a receive for him.

Shiratorizawa AcademyEdit

Ohira gets along with all the members. He supports them all during plays and constantly makes sure they're playing well. Ohira usually helps calm down Tendou whenever he gets too riled up. With Goshiki, he is very encouraging and reassures him when he is doubting himself. Ohira even translates their coach's dialect when Goshiki doesn't understand it.


  • He has been noted to resemble Benkei, though Ohira says that their personalities are different.
  • His favorite food is saba no misoni (mackerel cooked in miso).
  • He shares the same birthday with Lev Haiba.
  • His star sign is Scorpio.
  • Current Concern: He can’t help but say stuff like “There we go.” when he sits down.
  • Nomenclature:
    • Ōhira (大平) - Big; Flat / Ordinary
    • Reon (獅音) - Sound of Lion



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