Rintarou Suna
Japanese 角名 倫太郎
Translation Suna Rintarō
Character information
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Height 185 cm
Team Inarizaki High School
Number 10
Position Middle Blocker
Occupation High School Student (2nd Year)
Affiliation Inarizaki High School
Background information
Chapter "Day 2"
Image gallery (4)
Rintarō Suna (Japanese: 角名 倫太郎 Suna Rintarō) is a second year student at Inarizaki High School and the volleyball team's middle blocker.


Suna has black, slightly-combed down hair, with few strands sticking out at the top of his head, and bangs that is both swept to the left and right. He also appears to have droopy eyes, and is often seen wearing a blank expression.


Suna appears to be a deadpan, quiet person. He tends to slack off when his team has a huge point lead and it seems to be winning the game.



Tokyo Nationals ArcEdit


Rintarou has displayed decent spikes and receives. He has shown to be a blocker that can think, similar to Tsukishima, but his most notable trait is his ability to utilize his torso when he spikes, allowing him to "manipulate" the blockers into one direction before he attacks to different angle.



  • He has been stated by Keishin Ukai to be one of the two main point-getters for Inarizaki.



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