Hinata and Kageyama's final confrontation Tobio Kageyama

Hinata and Kageyama have a frenemy-like relationship. Though they are on the same team and have different positions, they compete with each other often, even over trivial things such as who gets to the gym first; they also keep a tally of their wins (Kageyama-32 wins, Hinata-30 wins). They argue with each other often and sometimes have full-blown fights, but they see each other as teammates. Whenever someone brings up Kageyama’s past, Hinata would stand up for Kageyama; whenever Hinata feels down about his height and role as a decoy, Kageyama would encourage him and remind Hinata of his importance to the team. Out of everyone in the club, Kageyama and Hinata seem to understand each other the most and are often called the “freak duo”. They are usually, if not always, with each other when it comes to volleyball-related activities but outside of those, they don’t interact much; Hinata eats lunch with his own friends.

They first met when their junior high schools competed against each other in the first round of a volleyball tournament; but their relationship started off badly. Kageyama viewed Hinata as an overly idealistic and weak player while Hinata saw him as an arrogant jerk. However, after seeing Hinata’s incredible stamina, jumping power, and sheer determination during the match, Kageyama seemed to respect him a bit more. In the end, Kitagawa Daiichi won, but Hinata vowed to one day defeat Kageyama.

When they saw each other again in Karasuno’s gym, they started fighting immediately and ended up getting kicked out of the club until they viewed each other as teammates. After several failed attempts to get back into the club, Kageyama and Hinata grew desperate and asked for a match to prove that they could work together. They were given a week to practice but Kageyama refused to work with Hinata; this changed when one day, Kageyama pushed Hinata to his limits and spiked an impossible ball, but the latter wouldn’t give up and chased after the ball. This inspired Kageyama to finally accept Hinata and toss to him. During the match, they didn’t do well at first but when Tsukishima insulted Kageyama and brought up his past, Hinata stood up for the setter, exclaiming that Kageyama had him now. Kageyama then decided to try adapting his toss to fit Hinata’s skills, and their now famous quick-set was created. Hinata, who despised Kageyama before, trusted him completely and closed his eyes when he spiked; Kageyama had become his strongest ally, and vice versa.

However, during the Tokyo Expedition Arc, their relationship became strained due to their conflicting ideas. Hinata didn’t want Kageyama doing everything for him anymore so he announced that he would start opening his eyes when he spiked. However, Kageyama was completely against it. He did try Hinata’s idea though, but Hinata couldn’t hit any of Kageyama’s tosses with his eyes opened. Despite his failures, Hinata refused to back down and they started fighting, forcing Tanaka to come over. Afterwards, they wouldn’t talk to each other for the majority of the summer until they finally decided on a toss that they both liked. Since then, they have reconciled and even strengthened their relationship.

Season final end card Karasuno High

Hinata is close to all of his teammates in the volleyball club.

Daichi Sawamura: Hinata greatly respects Daichi since he's the captain and a third year but sometimes, he's scared of him, especially when Daichi's angry. Daichi believes in Hinata's volleyball abilities and often encourages Hinata. He also takes care of and tries to calm Hinata down whenever Hinata gets intimidated by the opponents.

Kōshi Sugawara: Hinata also greatly respects Sugawara since he's a third year. In the beginning, during the 3-on-3 match between the first years, Sugawara tossed to Hinata when Kageyama refused to. Sugawara also secretly helped Hinata and Kageyama train. Sugawara often encourages Hinata from the sidelines during matches. He always gives Hinata advice, such as how to block the opponents' spike and change the signs. 

Asahi Azumane: Hinata looks up to Asahi because he's the ace of the club. Hinata is one of the people that convinced Asahi to rejoin the volleyball club. Asahi is surprised to see that Hinata can jump incredibly high and even stated that it's truly amazing to see Hinata up close. Initially, Hinata was jealous of Asahi due to his status as the ace and his incredible height and power. After the practice match against the Neighborhood Association Team, Asahi approached Hinata and encouraged him to accept his position as the decoy. Asahi often remembers what Hinata said about the "view" when there are no blockers and uses it as motivation.

Asahi and Hinata's collision during the practice

During the summer training camp, Hinata almost crashed into Asahi, intimidating the latter because it seemed like Hinata wanted to take the ace position. Because of Hinata's thirst to improve, Asahi was inspired to train harder.

Yū Nishinoya: When Hinata and Nishinoya first met, Hinata felt relieved that there is a person that's shorter than him, which annoyed Nishinoya. However, Nishinoya soon warmed up to Hinata due to the first year's good schmoozing skills. Hinata is one of the few people that understand what a true libero is–someone who is good at receives, not because of their short stature. Because of that, Nishinoya likes Hinata and agreed to teach him how to do receives. Hinata is the only person that gets excited about Nishinoya's "Rolling Thunder" and the "again version" and has asked Nishinoya many times to teach him. Nishinoya is one of the few people that call Hinata by his first name.

Ryūnosuke Tanaka: Tanaka often teases Hinata but he always encourages Hinata whenever he gets intimidated by the opponents and gives him advice. Tanaka is the one that usually breaks up the fights between Hinata and Kageyama. During the 3-on-3 match, Tanaka secretly helped Hinata and Kageyama train. Tanaka also defended Hinata when Taketora picked on him during the Nekoma practice match.

Chikara Ennoshita: During Karasuno's match with Wakutani South High, Hinata felt panicky and didn't know what to do because Daichi was out. Ennoshita shouted at him to not panic and reminded him of what makes a good jumper.

Kei Tsukishima: Tsukishima and Hinata respect each other as teammates but the former often picks on Hinata due to his lack of height, while Hinata felt Tsukishima is wasting his talent as the tallest player in the team because he never put in extra work. Throughout the 3-on-3 practice match, Tsukishima taunted Hinata but was annoyed by Hinata's determination to win. After Hinata's team won, Hinata tried to form a friendship with Tsukishima by forcefully shaking hands with him. Before the summer training camp, Hinata begged Tsukishima to tutor him and Kageyama but Tsukishima got annoyed because the two were too stupid. However, Tsukishima sees Hinata as the "sun" while he is just the "moon", showing that he thinks Hinata is superior to him when it comes to volleyball.

Tadashi Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi teases Hinata with Tsukishima, though not as much as Tsukishima does. Yamaguchi tends to be in the background, laughing at Tsukishima's jabs. However, as the story progresses, Yamaguchi started to respect Hinata and vice versa. When Yamaguchi failed his jump float serve during the Aobajousai match, Hinata comforted him. During the Tokyo Expedition Arc, Yamaguchi asked advice from Hinata regarding Tsukishima. Yamaguchi is always there to try to keep Hinata from getting in too much trouble.

Kiyoko Shimizu: Like everyone else, Hinata thinks that she's gorgeous and often gets flustered whenever she speaks to him. When Kiyoko was looking for a new manager, Hinata eagerly agreed to help her search.

Running Like in a Shojo Manga Hitoka Yachi

Hinata was the first member of the Karasuno team, besides Kiyoko, to befriend Yachi. When she was first introduced, Hinata greeted her loudly, intimidating her. However, she soon got used to his extroverted personality and even started to enjoy being a temporary manager on the team. The only obstacle holding her back from officially becoming a member was her mother, but Hinata helped her overcome it by telling her about his experience as "Villager B" and encouraging her to confront the older woman. Inspired, Yachi did so and finally decided to become the official manager; this is also the first time she has ever been truly committed to something. Thanks to Hinata, she realizes that no matter how unimportant she feels, she isn't because "Townsperson B can fight too".

During the finals, Yachi helped Hinata and Kageyama study for the exams by giving them her notes and inviting them over to her apartment during the weekends. When Hinata and Kageyama were fighting during the summer camp, Yachi started crying and became extremely worried about the usually inseparable pair.

HinataKenma1 Kenma Kozume

Hinata first met Kenma after getting lost in a neighborhood during a jog. Kenma was in the same situation so he was just sitting there, playing video games and waiting for a teammate to come get him. Curious, Hinata approached him and started talking to him about volleyball after noticing his volleyball shoes. Hinata was surprised when Kenma revealed that he didn't think his being a middle blocker was weird at all, especially with his height. However, Kenma soon left, but said to Hinata that he would be seeing him soon. That confused Hinata at first until the match against Nekoma, where he found out that Kenma was Nekoma's setter. Their schools competed against each other, but Hinata's lost completely. After the practice match, he vowed to Kenma that he would beat him one day and make him say that volleyball's fun.

Hinata calls Kenma by his first name and vice versa. Hinata also keeps in touch with Kenma and often texts him. During the summer training camp, Hinata asked Kenma to toss for him, but the latter ran away after five tosses; Kuroo noted that it's amazing Hinata was able to get Kenma to practice in the first place.

Kenma has a lot of respect for Hinata and believes in his strength as a volleyball player. Kuroo has even pointed out that Kenma always gets excited whenever he watches one of Hinata's matches. However, Kenma has revealed that he wouldn't want to be on the same team as Hinata because of the latter's constant improvement; Kenma, someone who doesn't appear to take volleyball seriously, would not be able to keep up with the middle blocker.

HinataAndAone Takanobu Aone

Since the Date Tech vs Karasuno match in the Interhigh, Aone has formed an unlikely friendship and rivalry with Hinata. During the Spring High, Aone defended Hinata after his teammates criticized the latter, surprising his teammates because Aone never speaks. Aone also promised Hinata that he would face him after Date Tech High beat Aobajōsai High. However, that never happened because the former lost and would have to wait until next year's Interhigh to face off again.

OikawaHinata1 Tōru Oikawa and Hajime Iwaizumi

During the practice match against Aobajōsai High, Hinata started calling Oikawa "Great King" because he's Kageyama's former upperclassman; Karasuno eventually adopted that nickname for Oikawa. After the practice match, Oikawa praised Hinata for his one-touch and broad attack. Oikawa also expressed that he can't help but feel uneasy whenever Hinata is in matches. During the Spring High, Hinata bumped into Oikawa and Iwaizumi in the bathroom, and the two teased him.

Hinata respects Iwaizumi for Aobajōsai High's ace. When Ushijima said that Oikawa was wasting time in Aobajōsai High because of its weak volleyball team that couldn't bring out Oikawa's true potential, Hinata disagreed and thought that there are strong players in Aobajōsai besides Oikawa; one of them is Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi also once praised Hinata for being able to beat the 2m player, Yūdai Hyakuzawa from Kakugawa High. Iwaizumi occasionally defends Hinata whenever Oikawa teases him.

HinataAndInuoka Sō Inuoka

Inuoka is one of the few people that didn't underestimate Hinata for being a middle blocker. Coach Nekomata said that they are true rivals because of the way they helped each other improve; during the match, Hinata's speed pushed Inuoka to get faster. After the practice match, Inuoka and Hinata complimented each other using their own language of gibberish and excitedly jumped up and down. Later, Hinata remarked that his spikes were blocked because "Inuoka is really cool!!". Inuoka is also one of the few people that call Hinata by his first name.

Temporary Episode 4 Season 2 Lev Haiba

Their relationship is both competitive and playful, as the two have similar personalities. They first met during the summer training camp. Hinata was curious when he saw that Lev replaced Inuoka on the court and noticed his whip-like spike. He asked Kenma about him and was awed when he found out Lev's height and ethnicity. However, they didn't officially interact until one evening after practice, by the bathroom. Lev challenged Hinata to jump higher than him right away and the latter accepted, although he ended up hitting his head on the door frame. This surprised Lev, who began to see Hinata as a rival.

The two also practiced with each other during the summer camp with Bokuto, Kuroo, Tsukishima, and Akaashi. During a practice match, Lev, Kuroo, and Tsukishima ganged up on Hinata, only for the latter to turn it around and pull off a blockout by aiming for Lev's fingers.

Bokuto1 Kōtarō Bokuto

Bokuto and Hinata have similar personalities. Hinata greatly admires Bokuto because he's the ace of Tokyo's champion school and Bokuto respects Hinata's determination and playing style. Hinata also flatters Bokuto often, causing the latter to happily teach him all sorts of techniques. During the summer training camp, Hinata joined Bokuto's team in the 3-on-3 practice match against Kuroo, Tsukishima, and Lev. Bokuto gave Hinata advice on playing against tall players and avoiding getting blocked, inspiring the latter. When Kuroo, Lev, and Tsukishima ganged up on Hinata, Bokuto called them out but was greatly impressed after Hinata managed to score against the three blockers. He then decided to teach Hinata a new technique, the feint shot attack, which Hinata ended up using against Bokuto in Karasuno's match against Fukurōdani. After the match, Hinata announced to the third year that Karasuno was definitely not going to lose in a real match, and Bokuto gladly accepted the challenge.

KojiAndIzumi Yukitaka Izumi and Kōji Sekimukai

When Hinata was still in Yukigaoka Junior High, he always asked Izumi and Kōji to help him practice by tossing the ball for him. During the match against Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High, Izumi and Kōji joined Hinata's team even though they were in different sports clubs. They played shakily, especially Izumi, who wasn't comfortable with setting, and lost in the end. Afterwards, Hinata thanked them, causing them to cry.

In the final match of Spring High between Karasuno High and Shiratorizawa High, Izumi and Kōji came to cheer for Hinata. It was also hinted that Hinata's good footwork in playing was because of them.

Episode 6 Season 2 Ikkei Ukai

Hinata went to Ukai for help with his training. During the summer, Ukai taught Hinata how to use tempos in his attacks and helped develop Hinata and Kageyama's quick strike by providing them with advice and a place to train. Hinata's height and desire to win with it remind Ukai of the Small Giant, who asked Ukai for help in the past with the same problems.

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