I am built upon the small things I do every day, and the end results are no more than a byproduct of that."
Kita Shinsuke (chapter 274)
Shinsuke Kita
Japanese 北 信介
Translation Kita Shinsuke
Character information
Gender Male
Age 17-18
Height 175 cm (5' 8.9")
Team Inarizaki High School
Number 1
Position Wing Spiker
Occupation High School Student (3rd year)
Affiliation Inarizaki High School
Background information
Chapter "Day 2"
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Shinsuke Kita (Japanese: 北 信介 Kita Shinsuke) is a third year wing spiker and the captain of Inarizaki High School.


Kita is of an average height with an athletic build. He appears to have a light hair tone with dark tips, dark eyes and dark, thin eyebrows.


Kita has a very blunt way of speaking, similar to Ushijima, where he doesn't sugar-coat his words, and just says what needs to be said in his opinion. However, he is shown to have a soft side, where he gives Atsumu food and drink from a convenience store, with a note that tells him to have a proper meal and sleep for his cold.

He does what needs to be done, and is confident in his skills. Not in a 'I'm the best' kind of confidence, but the type where he has faith that he will never screw up. With his cold way of speaking and his bland expression, he does end up crying when he gets the captain's uniform. This surprises Suna, where he says that he thought of Kita to "be more of a robot type of guy".

He cares quite a bit for his teammates and displays it when he tells Atsumu to go home because of his cold and scolded Hitoshi Ginjima for praising Atsumu for not taking care of his health by continuing to practice.

Kita has a very mature way of thinking, saying that he tends to agree more with adults than his underclassmen, and goes as far as to have a logical reason for feeling happy. He also states that he does not understand the reason for being nervous.


In the manga, there were scenes provided with Kita as a child with his grandmother. She had always told him that "There is always someone watching", where "someone" is referring to deities. In his thoughts, he stated that he has never cared about doing things for the gods, but he did things such as minding his manners, cleaning, and maintaining good grades because according to him, it "just feels good".

During his volleyball years in middle schools, he is said to not even own the team jersey, which have most likely have been the reason for his emotional outbreak when he received the captain's jersey as a third year at Inarizaki High School.


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  • "I don't understand the point of being nervous." to Ojiro Aran, chapter 274