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Shinzen High
Kanji 森然高校
Romaji Shinsen Kōkō
Captain Ogano Daiki
Manager Mako Ōtaki

Shinzen High (Japanese: 森然高校 Shinsen Kōkō) is a high school located in the Saitama Prefecture.

Uniform Edit

Not much is known about the school uniform or the official volleyball jerseys.

In the practice matches during the Tokyo Training camp, the volleyball players are seen wearing a white t-shirt and pale green shorts, with a light pink sports bib on top.

Volleyball Club Edit


The Fukurodani Academy Group, from left to right: Nekoma, Fukurodani (top), Ubugawa (bottom), and Shinzen

Shinzen is a master at using combos. One of its combination plays is the synchronized attack, which is when all the spikers move at once to spike to confuse the opponent and leave the attack unpredictable.

Shinzen is also a member of the Fukurōdani Academy Group, which is composed of teams from the Kanto Region. For years, the schools have been holding summer training camps and practice matches with one another.

They lost in the finals of the Spring High Saitama Prefecture Representative Playoffs in full sets to Higashihara High School.

Members Edit

Name Position Year Status
Mako ŌtakiManager?Active

Name Number Position Year Status
Ogano Daiki#1Captain?Active
Chigaya Eikichi#7Middle Blocker1st YearActive
Naguri Shouta#3??Active
Akatani Yuu#11??Active
Shimafu Noriaki#6??Active
Kodama Masaru#8??Active
Yoshikawa Kazutaka#12??Active

Summer Training CampEdit

Several sets against Nekoma, Fukurōdani, Ubugawa, and Karasuno (29 wins, 35 losses)

  • Shinzen High School vs Karasuno High School (21-25)
  • Shinzen High School vs Karasuno High School (25-23)

Trivia Edit

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