Chapter 215
Japanese title
translation title Oto
Chapter Information
Chapter number 215
Arc Tokyo Nationals Arc
Volume First Snow
Release Date December 2, 2016
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Lost Child 2

"Sound" (Japanese: Oto) is the two hundred and fifteenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 34th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.

 Overview Edit

At the Tokyo Youth Training Camp, Kageyama meets the other high-leveled players who were also invited. During practice, the supervisors are observing Kageyama and commenting on his skill to adjust to the other players. Although he may seem awkward at first, he is learning to communicate with others in order to give them the best toss. During their stretches, Hoshiumi approaches Kageyama asking if he had seen him practice before since he didn't seem surprised by his jumping skill. Miya also joins in on the conversation and says that Kageyama plays like a little goody-two-shoes. Meanwhile at Shiratorizawa, Tsukishima approaches Hinata and asks him a question.

Plot Edit

Kageyama is eating with a first year from Shinzen Eikichi Chigaya who Kageyama refers to as Broccoli No.2. They make small talk when Sakusa approaches the two and asks why Shiratorizawa lost against Karasuno. He tries to pry for every piece of information about the person that slowed Ushijima down before being interrupted by Motoya Komori who brushes off the serious atmosphere saying that Sakusa is a bit of a downer. Kageyama then proceeds to accuse Sakusa of holding back saying that he seems to be a lot more average than the reputation everyone seems to have of him. Sakusa seems to be offended and Komori laughs in the background.

Sakusa and Komori leave soon after and Kageyama and Chigaya have a conversation about the skill level of all the players at the training camp. Kourai Hoshiumi in particular who Kageyama notices to be slightly taller than Hinata and can jump even higher.

Later in the day, the players are having a practice match. The coaches who are observing from the sidelines comment on Kageyama's skill to quickly adjust to a left-handed player without breaking a sweat. Although he is a bit awkward in communicating with the other players, he is making an effort to bring the best toss to the spiker.

Later in the match, Hoshiumi, who is said to give off the vibe of the "Small Giant", jumps high above the net to deliver a clean end-line spike which leaves the other players impressed.

After the practice match is over, the players are stretching when Kageyama is approached by Hoshiumi. He asks Kageyama if he had seen him play before in the past and is vocal about how shocked he was by Kageyama's lack of a reaction to his amazing jump. Kageyama replies that it was surprising, but that it was also food for thought. Hoshiumi is left shocked and Miya then appears behind them and says that Kageyama plays like a goody-two-shoes which seems to anger the latter.

Meanwhile back at Shiratorizawa, Tsukishima approaches Hinata and asks him to go somewhere with him leaving Hinata confused.

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