Takeru Nakashima
Japanese 中島猛
Translation Nakashima Takeru
Character information
Gender Male
Age 18
Date of birth August 20
Height 173.4 cm (5' 8")
Weight 65.8 kg (145.0 lbs)
Family Masayoshi Nakashima (father)
Ai Nakashima (mother)
Isamu Nakashima (older brother)
Makoto Nakashima (younger sister)
Minoru Nakashima (younger brother)
Home town Miyagi Prefecture
Home country Japan
Likes Zunda Mochi
Team Wakutani South High (former)
Number 1
Position Captain
Wing Spiker
Occupation High School Student (3rd Year, Class 1)
Affiliation Wakutani South High
Background information
Chapter "Formidable Opponents"
Episode "Formidable Opponents (Episode)"
Japanese Atsushi Abe
Image gallery (14)
Takeru Nakashima (Japanese: 中島猛 Nakashima Takeru) is a third year student the captain of the Wakutani South Volleyball Team.


He has a light brown buzz cut and a slightly large build. His eyebrows are short but thick, and he has dark brown eyes.


As the captain, he is the one that encourages and comforts his teammates during games. Like Hinata, he is very passionate about volleyball and was inspired to play by the Small Giant; he wants to be the one to surpass him.

As an older brother, he often takes care of and plays with his siblings. Whenever his parents are too intimate, he has the responsibility of covering up his siblings' eyes.


He was inspired by the Small Giant's playing style after watching a match on TV.

His family is described by him as a Jurassic Park; his elder brother is too fancy-free, his younger siblings are too energetic, and his parents act too close in front of their children.  

He was once in combo with his older brother, Isamu. He is the second oldest of 5 siblings, with two younger brothers (one is a baby), and a younger sister. His whole family cheered him on during Spring High- Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs.



He was in the crowd at the stadium during the Interhigh.

Spring High Preliminary ArcEdit


Original Statistics
Game Sense

According to young Coach Ukai, Takeru can change the angle at which he hits the spike. He hits the blocker's hand at an angle that will make the ball ricochet off, the type of spikers that annoy Tsukishima. Just like Hinata, Takeru admired the "Little Giant" as such his play resembles the Little Giant. He also has a captaincy style similar to Daichi, even to the way they calm their teammates down.

Like the rest of his team, he is quite proficient at receiving. He and his team's recieving capabilities are comparable to that of Nekoma High.


Shōyō HinataEdit

Both Hinata and Takeru share a mutual admire for the "Little Giant". Both also have common concerns such as their height. In the match against Karasuno, Takeru and Hinata are both competitive about who is the new champion of Mid-Air battles.

Shunki Kawatabi Edit

Unbeknownst to Takeru, Kawatabi also gets distracted easily like Hinata. Since Takeru is the second oldest of his family responsible of taking care of his younger siblings, he knows how to motivate Kawatabi the best. 

Makoto Nakashima Edit

Makoto and Takeru often watch volleyball matches on TV together. As kids, Takeru cared for Makoto and played with her, though her incessant energy usually wore him out.


  • His favorite food is Zunda Mochi
  • His current concern: He feels like his father's hairline is retreating day by day
  • He also appears in Kiben Gakuha, Yotsuya Senpai no Kaidan (where his little sister is one of the main characters).
  • His star sign is Leo.
  • His overall player stats are joint-second-best in the series so far, tying with Oikawa and Bokuto at 24. The only player with better overall stats is Kageyama with 27.



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