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Taketora Yamamoto
Japanese 山本猛虎
Translation Yamamoto Taketora
Character information
Other names Tora (by Tanaka)

City Boy (by Tanaka)

Gender Male
Age 16
Date of birth February 22
Height 176.7 cm (5' 9.6")
Weight 69.1 kg (152.3 lbs)
Family Akane Yamamoto (younger sister)
Home town Tokyo
Home country Japan
Likes Volleyball
Yakisoba Bread
Team Nekoma High
Number 4
Position Wing Spiker
Occupation High School Student
(2nd Year, Class 1)
Affiliation Nekoma High
Background information
Chapter "Determination"
Episode "Decision"
Japanese Siego Yokota
Image gallery (31)

Taketora Yamamoto (Japanese: 山本猛虎 Yamamoto Taketora) is a 2nd year student from Nekoma High. He is also the team's ace.


Yamamoto has thick eyebrows and a mohawk that appears to be dyed, giving him an intimidating appearance (though he appears more timid in the presence of girls). He has rather cat-like eyes, as do most of the other Nekoma members.


Similar to Tanaka, he's loud, hot-headed and easy to anger. Whenever he's not yelling and annoying his captain, he's either crying or running away from girls, too nervous to even talk to them.




Original Statistics
Game Sense

Like the rest of his team, he is flexible and good at receiving. Taketora also has incredible mental fortitude, as he was able to immmensely concentrate during the Nohebi vs. Nekoma match, to the point where he will not even allow any single taunt get to him, plus allow him to concentrate enough to hit straight spikes properly as well. He also has good instincts as he was able to even receive the ball at a sharp angle when it was about to drop on his side of the court. This is exactly why he gets to keep his position as the ace due to this, similar to Tanaka.

As a wing spiker, he is pretty good at spiking. His best spike is a cross.


Ryūnosuke Tanaka Edit

When they first meet, they clash badly and try to intimidate the other. During the Nekoma vs. Karasuno match, it's remarked that Yamamoto is even more worked up than usual, trying to outdo Tanaka, with Tanaka returning the favor.

However, afterwards, they bond over their love for Kiyoko Shimizu. Before they part, they're seen shaking hands and crying as they don't want to leave. A side story shows that they are texting buddies, as Yamamoto asks Tanaka for tips to approach girls (with the intent of recruiting a female manager).

Kenma Kozume Edit

They appear to care about one another albeit it is inconspicious due to Kenma's reserved nature. However, Kenma will at times not hesitate to deliver a snarky remark regarding Taketora's rambunctious behavior - an example of this was during Nekoma's warm up in preparation for their match against Fukurodani, where Taketora loudly calls out Kenma for being too quiet, claiming that yelling would help him focus and rid himself of any distracting thoughts. Kenma promptly interjects that Haiba Alisa was staring at Taketora, which instantly distracts the latter from the warm-up, resulting in a ball being hit accidentally into the back of his head. Kenma then sneeringly comments on Taketora's apparent distractibility and states that he might need to make some more noise to help himself focus, which sends the latter into a comical fit of rage.

Yamamoto Akane Edit

Just like Akane herself is modest when it comes to abilities of her brother and his title of the team ace, Taketora is shy of his sister's obsession with volleyball.


  • Favorite food: Yakisoba bread
  • Current concern: he wants to know the best way to talk to girls.
  • His birthday happens to land on Japan's Cat Day.
  • His star sign is Pisces.
  • Nomenclature
    • Taketora (猛虎) - Fierce Tiger
    • Yamamoto (山本) - Natural Mountain

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey, hey, hey. What business do you have with our setter?" (To Hinata, Season 1, Episode 12)
  • "Even if my attack power could be called average, I am Nekoma's ace!" (Chapter 31)
  • "If we stifle their setter, even Bokuto-kun in peak form will be incapacitated since he won't have anything of quality to hit, eh?" (To Kenma, Chapter 194)
  • "I'm honestly terrified that Yaku-san isnt standing behind me right now. I really don't have the luxury of getting riled up at their trash talking." (In the match against Nohebi, Chapter 202)
  • "Players who can't even defend properly doesn't deserve the title of ace." (To Lev, Chapter 203)

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