"Tanaka-senpai's Nightmare"
Tanaka-senpai's Nightmare
Japanese title 田中せんぱいの悪夢
translation title Tanaka-senpai no Akumu
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Volume The View From the Top!
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"Tanaka-senpai's Nightmare" (Japanese: 田中せんぱいの悪夢 Tanaka-senpai no Akumu) is an extra chapter in Volume 2. The book was published on August 3, 2012.

Overview Edit

Tanaka has a dream about wanting to arrive to practice earlier than Kageyama and Hinata.

Plot Edit

After agreeing to help Hinata and Kageyama practice for the 3-on-3 match, Tanaka decides to be a good senpai by waking up on time and arriving at the gym at 4:55 am. However, the two beat him by getting to the gym at 4 am. The next day, Tanaka arrives at 4 am, only to be informed that the two had already been practicing since 3 am. Later on that night, Tanaka notices Hinata and Kageyama setting up their sleeping bags; the two wants to sleep over. Daichi notices the commotion, which freaks out Tanaka and sends him into a mental breakdown.

It turns out Tanaka had dreamt the entire thing. He wakes up late and exhausted. He asks Sugawara for forgiveness for arriving early while Hinata and Kageyama are busy practicing in the background.


Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

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