"Teach us! Ennoshita-senpai!"
Teach us! Ennoshita-senpai!
Japanese title 教えて!縁下先輩!
translation title Oshiete! Enshita senpai!
Chapter Information
Volume A "Solitary King" No Longer
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Kageyama-kun from class 3

"Teach us! Ennoshita-senpai!" (Japanese: 教えて!縁下先輩! Oshiete! Enshita senpai!) is the first extra chapter in Volume 8. The book was published on October 4, 2013.

Overview Edit

After seeing Ennoshita walk with Shimizu, Tanaka and Nishinoya ask him for some social advice.

Plot Edit

Tanaka and Nishinoya see Ennoshita and Shimizu walking with heavy boxes during the school day. Later on, the two barge into the clubroom, calling Ennoshita a "bastard". Ennoshita explains that he was merely helping Shimizu carry some heavy boxes since she was having a hard time. Tanaka and Nishinoya then go on their knees and beg Ennoshita for advice; they want to be able to speak to Shimizu without annoying her. Ennoshita agrees and gives them their first lesson: to not prostrate themselves.

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