The Former Coward's Fight
元・根性無しの戦い ● Moto Konjō-Nashi No Tatakai
Director: Susumu Mitsunaka ● Scenario: Kishimoto Takashi ● Production: Kishimoto Takashi
Aired: March 5, 2016
The DestroyerTeam

"The Former Coward's Fight" (Japanese: 元・根性無しの戦い Moto Konjō-Nashi No Tatakai) is the twenty-second episode of Haikyū!! Second Season, based on the manga Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on March 5th, 2016.

The opening theme of this episode is Fly High!! by Burnout Syndromes and the ending theme is Hatsunetsu by Tacica.

Overview Edit

Yamaguchi is subbed in as the pinch server and his serves are able to gain Karasuno more points. The gap between the two teams have shrunk, but Oikawa's strong serves win Aoba Jōsai the second match. Now they have to get to the third match to determine the winners.

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