"The Iron Wall Will Always be Rebuilt"
The Iron Wall Will Always be Rebuilt
Japanese title 鉄壁は何度でも築かれる
translation title Teppeki wa Nandodemo Kizuka Reru
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Volume The Setter Showdown
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Teach us! Ennoshita-senpai!
"The Iron Wall Will Always be Rebuilt" (Japanese: 鉄壁は何度でも築かれる Teppeki wa Nandodemo Kizuka Reru) is an extra chapter in Volume 6. The book was published on May 2, 2013.

Overview Edit

Aone and Futakuchi overhear their senpais mourning the end of their high school volleyball career.

Plot Edit

As Futakuchi and Aone are leaving, the former informs the latter that he forgot something in their team's clubroom. As they are about to enter, they overhear the third years–Moniwa, Kamasaki and Sasaya–crying inside. The three are visibly upset and dejected because their recent loss to Karasuno High means the end of their high school volleyball career. However, Moniwa confidently states that "next year's 'Iron Wall' will not crumble." Futakuchi and Aone stand outside, their feelings ever more resolute.

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