"The Story Behind the T-shirts"
The Story Behind the T-shirts
Japanese title Tシャツ裏事情
translation title T Shatsu Ura Jijou
Chapter Information
Volume Team Karasuno, Full Speed Ahead
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"The Story Behind the T-shirts" (Japanese: Tシャツ裏事情 T Shatsu Ura Jijou) is an extra chapter in Volume 3. The book was published on October 4, 2012.

Overview Edit

Nishinoya gifts each member in Karasuno custom made t-shirts with sayings that best fit them.

Plot Edit

Each member of Karasuno receives t-shirts from Nishinoya with quotes that best fit them (according to Nishinoya):

  • Hinata: "Great talents mature late"
  • Sugawara: "Indomitable"
  • Tsukishima: "Herbivore"
  • Yamaguchi: "Mollusc"
  • Kageyama: "Single-celled organisms"
  • Ennoshita: "Once in a lifetime"
  • Asahi: "Happy new year"
  • Daichi: "Rising up after failure"
  • Kiyoko: "Shimizu Kiyoko"

Hinata receives his shirt from Sugawara and asks about the meaning. Sugawara tells Hinata the shirt refers to how great talents require time to mature and become great, impressing Hinata. However, Tsukishima quickly points out how one of the words on Hinata's shirt is incorrectly written. Kageyama insults him back by pointing out his and Yamaguchi's shirts, "Herbivore" and "Mollusc", starting a fight between the two of them.

On the side, Ennoshita approaches Kiyoko and asks why she isn't wearing hers, and Kiyoko thinks back to when she first got it. Nishinoya and Tanaka had written only "Shimizu Kiyoko" on it because no other common phrase could express her beauty better than her own name. The shirt is also a shocking pink color, another reason why Kiyoko refuses to wear it, saying that she would only wear it if it was the sole alternative to going naked; Nishinoya and Tanaka, who were standing nearby, excitedly turn towards her, picking up on the word "naked" only.

Appearances Edit

Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

  • Nishinoya has a favorite store where he makes custom t-shirts.

Trivia Edit

  • The mistake on Hinata's shirt was actually a real mistake made by Furudate. She only noticed it after the chapter went to print, but added an apology at the end of the chapter.

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