"Their Respective First Matches"
Chapter 243
Japanese title それぞれの初戦
translation title Sorezore no Shosen
Chapter Information
Chapter number 243
Arc Tokyo Nationals Arc
Volume Day 2
Release Date February 27th, 2017
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Weakness Number 6

"Their Respective First Matches" (Japanese: それぞれの初戦 Sorezore no Shosen) is the two hundred and forty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 13th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2017 series.

Overview Edit

Karasuno has won their first match at nationals and will be moving on to the second round. Everyone celebrates and the two teams bow to each other and to the audience. Daichi also realized that the former Karasuno members were there to cheer them on the whole entire time. The third years get to catch up with their upperclassmen who are amazed by Karasuno's current first years. While Karasuno is eating lunch, they decide to watch Nekoma's first match. Nekoma wins their first match at nationals as well and will be moving on to the second round. Meanwhile on Court E, Fukurōdani is just starting their first match against Eiwa and Bokuto is already in "dejected mode".

Plot Edit

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