• Hey guys I was hoping you could help me out before I upload some more images. I know we need to license any images we upload, I could find guidelines for licensing anime screenshots and manga images but I couldn't find anything when it comes to products (for example I have scans from the 2015 calendar). And I found some images (ones like this: that don't have licenses either but again wasn't sure which type to use. Thank you :)

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    • Hey Saruhikofushimis! Right now, we don't have a proper license to use for products since we're still working on that, but the general license used is the one for anime (this, for example). It depends on the types of scans you have. If the artwork is something from the anime, use the i-fairuse-anime template to license. If it's not, then you can leave the license part blank for now and an admin or I will take care it when we finish creating the product templates.

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    • Ah, thank you for answering!! The scans are pretty much like that one you linked so I'll just use that anime license for them. Thank you :)

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