• So I noticed recently that a lot of the relationship pages (the new layout ones) use a specific format. Some relationship pages still don't have that format and I'm thinking of fixing that. However, as I was looking at Hinata's or Kageyama's pages, I noticed that the realationships are all clumped together, making it hard to tell which is which, so I was wondering, does anyone know how to separate each relationship? Like, is it possible to add a break (for example, a line) between each character(s)?

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    • Here, I think I might have found a solution. I managed to add a line between each relationship paragragh but I can't extend the line out to the left side of the table :/.

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    • Hello Wiki Contributor Yujain.

      I'd completely agree with Healnarutoule's reply. Adding a line is currently the best option we have in order to seperate each character and the information that goes along with it. However, I am sure there is probably another way to make a visible line that divides the information straight across, but Temp. Admin NoyaThePenguin probably knows more about this issue as she/he is specialized in the Wiki's techinical coding matters and such, so I will make sure to consult her on this issue as soon as possible. 

      Thank you for bringing up this issue, and if you have any further questions, concerns, or if you'd just like to discuss a topic, please feel free to join the Live! Chat or leave a message on either my wall  or Temp. Admininstrator NoyaThePenguin's wall, and we'd be glad to assit you. As always, we thank you for all your hard work, and we hope you will stick with the Haikyuu!! franchise and continue to contribute to this Wiki in the future.


      Temp. Administrator Fattieschan

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    • Thanks Jin for fixing the problem. And thank you, Fattieschan for helping. I'll try to use this method on the other pages :).

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    • It's no problem. Thank you for all your hard work.

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    • A FANDOM user
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