I never imagined there'd be a day where I could utter these words to you, but... Nice receive.
First in his mind only, then the last two words directly to Hinata, Chapter 281

The first game, second game, the playoffs, the nationals...I'm going to win them all.

To Hinata, From Season 1, Episode 7 onwards

No matter how challenging the volley, there's only one reason why we chase the ball...there's only one reason we continue fighting. Because we haven't lost yet!
To himself, Chapter 1/Season 1, Episode 1

The last ones standing are the victors, only the strongest. If you want to be the last one standing, become strong.
To Hinata, Chapter 1/Season 1, Episode 1

So long as I'm here, you will be the strongest.

I want to be in the game. [I want to stay here longer. I want to stay with these guys.] Give me the thrill of the court. [I want to fight with these guys longer.] Let me feel out of breath. [Let me stand here.] I want to touch the ball. I want to fight. [I want to throw up a toss with my own hands over and over.] Then, we'll (Karasuno) win the match that's right in front of us!
Kageyama and Sugawara's dual monologue, Chapter 57/Season 1, Episode 21

I knew that this would be the perfect timing for a pipe, and yet, just now, I was about to toss to Hinata. I was about to have my toss taken.
To himself during the Interhigh tournament match against Aobajōsai, Chapter 62/Season 1, Episode 23

Like hell we'll lose here!
Kageyama, Daichi, and Tanaka's triple internal monologue, Chapter 65/Season 1, Episode 23

I won't apologize anymore. I won't throw any more tosses that I have to apologize for.

The only ones who will remain on the court are the strong.

If Oikawa-san is the best setter in the prefecture, I'm the one who is going to surpass him.

"The only time I will ever feel despair is when I won't be able to play volleyball anymore."