Hinata and Kageyama's final confrontation Shōyō Hinata

Kageyama and Hinata have a frenemy-like relationship and often compete with each other over trivial matters, such as getting to the gym before the other; they even keep a tally of their wins and losses (Kageyama 32 wins, Hinata 30). They often argue and occasionally have full-blown fights, but they see each other as teammates and will help each other with anything, even schoolwork. Whenever someone (usually Tsukishima or Kageyama's Kitagawa Daiichi teammates) brings up Kageyama’s past, Hinata stands up for him and encourages Kageyama to fight back. In return, whenever Hinata feels bad about his height and role as a decoy, Kageyama encourages him and reminds him of his importance to the team. Out of everyone in the club, Kageyama and Hinata seem to understand each other the most and are often called the “freak duo” or "Karasuno's Secret Weapon" due to their incredible quick strike. They are usually with each other when it comes to volleyball-related events, but don't interact much outside of club activities; Hinata eats lunch with his own friends and Kageyama eats alone.

They first met in the Junior High Athletics Meet when Hinata's team was paired against Kageyama's team in the first match. They fought right away due to Kageyama's condescending attitude towards Hinata. The setter viewed him as overly idealistic and weak initially, but was soon taken aback by his determination to win and his jumping ability. However, Kitagawa Daiichi ended up annihilating Yukigaoka. Before they left, Kageyama yelled at Hinata for letting his skills go to waste by joining a meager team like Yukigaoka. This affected Hinata greatly and he ran after Kageyama, announcing that he would defeat him one day. Kageyama seemed to accept his challenge, but told Hinata to improve his skills first. However, even though he remembered him because of his exceptional skills, he never learned his name.

When they met each other again in the same high school, Kageyama regarded Hinata awkwardly until the latter expressed his desire to defeat Kageyama. His confidence annoyed Kageyama, leading to a fight that got them kicked out of the club until they viewed each other as teammates. After several failed attempts to get back in, they grew desperate and asked for a match to prove that they could work together. They were given a week to practice, but Kageyama refused to work with Hinata because Kageyama deemed him as too weak; this changed when Kageyama pushed Hinata to his limits and spiked an impossible ball, but the latter wouldn't give up and chased after it. Inspired, Kageyama finally accepted Hinata and tossed to him.

However, they didn't do well during the beginning of the match because they couldn't synchronize their movements. Tsukishima insulted Kageyama throughout the game and brought up his past as well. Surprisingly, Hinata stood up for the setter, exclaiming that Kageyama had him now. Kageyama then decided to try adapting his toss to fit Hinata’s skills, and their now famous quick-set was created. Hinata, who despised Kageyama before, trusted him completely and closed his eyes when he spiked; Kageyama had become his strongest ally, and vice versa.

From then on, their relationship improved tremendously. When they lost in the Interhigh, Kageyama even apologized to Hinata. However, in the Tokyo Expedition Arc, their friendship was strained when the two disagreed on the ways they could improve. Hinata wanted to have his eyes opened when he spiked Kageyama's tosses, but Kageyama was against it because he thought the quick strike was fine the way it was. Despite this, he did try out Hinata’s idea, but found that Hinata couldn't hit any of the tosses with his eyes opened. Despite his failures, Hinata refused to back down and they got into a huge fight. For the majority of the summer camp, they wouldn't speak to each other until they slowly came up with a new toss that they both liked. Since then, they have reconciled and have a stronger relationship.

Kageyama also considers Hinata as more troublesome than any opponent team's blockers.

Conductors Tōru Oikawa

Oikawa was Kageyama's senpai in junior high, who often treated Kageyama poorly or with disdain due to Kageyama's advanced abilities despite being much younger than Oikawa. On the other hand, Kageyama looked up to Oikawa and often requested for him to teach him how to serve; Oikawa refused to, but Kageyama eventually learned by simply watching him. There was one incident in Kageyama's first year of junior high when he asked an already stressed Oikawa to teach him. Out of jealousy, Oikawa almost hit the first year, only to be restrained by Iwaizumi.

Since his junior high years, Kageyama has grown to see Oikawa as more of a rival than a role model, but he still retains the respect he held in junior high. He also believes that by surpassing Oikawa, he would become the best setter in the prefecture. He often compares himself to Oikawa, especially on their relationships with their teammates and Oikawa's ability to bring out the maximum potential of any team he's on. Oikawa also goes out of his way to pick on Kageyama and make him lose his cool whenever Karasuno and Aobajōsai play against each other. Despite his frivolous attitude towards the first year, Oikawa still feels threatened by Kageyama and acknowledges that he will one day surpass him. However, Oikawa does help Kageyama with his problems with Hinata--albeit only after taking a picture of Kageyama bowing to him--and even tells Ushijima that Kageyama is strong enough to defeat him.

KindaichiAndKageyama Yūtarō Kindaichi and Akira Kunimi

Kindaichi and Kunimi were Kageyama's former teammates in Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. It is unknown whether or not Kindaichi, Kunimi, and Kageyama were close during their first and second years, but they are often seen together in Kageyama's flashbacks. Kindaichi was mentioned to be Kageyama's partner back then by Oikawa because Kageyama had tossed to him a lot, almost like Hinata and Kageyama's relationship now.

During their third year, Kageyama demanded a lot from his teammates, often with unreasonable requests, which caused Kindaichi and Kunimi to ask the coach to bench Kageyama. They, along with the rest of the team, also ignored Kageyama's toss in the middle of a match, making it clear that they didn't want anything to do with him anymore. With this impression of Kageyama, they were shocked when they saw Kageyama's improved teamwork with Karasuno and couldn't accept it initially. Kindaichi was convinced that Kageyama was only faking the civility and warned Hinata to watch out. However, after Karasuno beat his team in the practice match, Kindaichi finally accepted that Kageyama has changed. When he went to the bathroom to cool off, Kageyama approached him and tried to apologize for his behavior in the past, but Kindaichi refused to accept it because he didn't want any reconciling. Instead, he announced that he would defeat him the next time they play, which did happen. Kageyama accepted the challenge and replied "we will win", shocking Kindaichi because Kageyama never used "we" in junior high. In the anime[1], after Aobajōsai lost to Karasuno in the Spring High, Kageyama passed a crying Kindaichi and Kunimi in the hallway. They ignored one another until Kindaichi called Kageyama. Kumimi stated calmly that they would get revenge and Kageyama agreed.

Kunimi didn't talk a lot to Kageyama, but he seems to have accepted that Kageyama changed. In a special chapter, Kunimi asked Tsukishima how Kageyama was doing.

KageyamaAndTsukishima Kei Tsukishima

Kageyama and Tsukishima get along the least out of everyone on the team. Tsukishima often insults Kageyama by calling him "King" or using his past against him, often leading to arguments between the two; when they first met, Kageyama almost hit Tsukishima in rage. However, after working together, they grew to view each other as teammates and don't get into as many arguments or are affected by each other's insults as much. Their relationship started changing the greatest during the Interhigh when Kageyama, after much reluctance, offered to change his toss for Tsukishima and even complimented him after a nice block.

Though Kageyama and Tsukishima don't interact much outside of club activities, during the Tokyo Expedition Arc, Hinata convinced Kageyama to ask Tsukishima for help with the upcoming exams. Tsukishima agreed after making Kageyama beg and used his lunch breaks to help the two study.

Kageyama-sugawara Kōshi Sugawara

Sugawara acknowledges Kageyama's ability and calls him a "talented first year setter", but is still unwilling to "give up" the position of setter to him. He does, however, let Coach Ukai understand that his feelings won't be hurt if Kageyama is chosen as the official setter over him since it will benefit the team the most. Despite this rivalry, Kageyama highly respects Sugawara's ability as a setter and position as an upperclassmen and had asked him for advice on building a relationship with his teammates. Sugawara also treats Kageyama kindly as a junior whom he could both teach and learn from. Sugawara is often referred to as Kageyama's "handler", especially when the first year gets angry at Hinata or reverts to his junior high behavior, as Sugawara has been mostly responsible for calming Kageyama down.

Season final end card Karasuno High

Daichi Sawamura: Kageyama respects Daichi since he's the captain and a third year and Daichi sees Kageyama as one part of Karasuno's secret weapon. They got off on the wrong foot initially when Kageyama and Hinata got into a huge fight as Daichi was speaking and ended up knocking the vice principal's wig off, a memory that often pervades Daichi's nightmares. However, Daichi believes in Kageyama's ability and was confident that he would be able to do well in the three-on-three match.

Asahi Azumane: Kageyama sees Asahi as a reliable teammate. He was instrumental in Asahi's return as he had encouraged Sugawara to toss to Asahi during the match against the Karasuno Neighborhood Association, helping restore the ace's confidence in himself. Asahi's sometimes overwhelmed by Kageyama's ability and enthusiasm in volleyball and usually is responsible, along with Sugawara, for calming Kageyama down whenever he's angry at Hinata.

Yū Nishinoya: Kageyama was initially overwhelmed by Nishinoya's energy yet intrigued by his excellent receiving skills. Though Nishinoya teases Kageyama often with Tanaka, they view each other as trustworthy teammates.

Ryūnosuke Tanaka: Tanaka initially disliked Kageyama due to his arrogance and condescending attitude towards Hinata, but grew to accept him as a reliable and strong teammate. Tanaka often has to stop Hinata and Kageyama's fights or he'll pick Hinata's side and help the middle blocker.

Chikara Ennoshita: Ennoshita encourages Kageyama occasionally and Kageyama respects Ennoshita's skills. Like the rest of the team, Kageyama believes that only Ennoshita can replace Daichi as captain due to the second year's similar personality and good relationship with the underclassmen.

Tadashi Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi and Tsukishima often gang up to pick on Kageyama. At first, Kageyama disliked Yamaguchi because of that, but never hated him as much as he hated Tsukishima. They grew to view each other as reliable teammates even if Yamaguchi wasn't a starting member.

Hitoka Yachi: Yachi was at first intimidated by Kageyama's overwhelming height, but soon befriended him. She helped Kageyama and Hinata study for the exams by giving them her notes and inviting them over to her apartment during the weekends. When Hinata and Kageyama were fighting during the summer camp, Yachi started crying and became extremely worried about the usually inseparable pair.

Kiyoko Shimizu: Kageyama is one of the few characters who don't seem to be attracted to Kiyoko. He respects her as an upperclassman and the manager of the team, but doesn't fawn over her.


  1. Season 2, Episode 25