Tokonami High
Kanji 常波高校
Romaji Tokonami Kōkō
Captain Komaki
Colors White / Light Blue

Tokonami High (Japanese: 常波高校 Tokonami Koukou) is a high school in the Miyagi Prefecture.


Not much is known about Tokonami's school uniform.

The boys' volleyball club's uniform consists of a light blue and white tracksuit. During official matches, the players wear a light blue and white jersey and white shorts with blue details. The top part of the jersey is in blue while the bottom is in white. The libero has a contrasting jersey with the top part of it in white while the bottom is in blue. He also wears blue pants with white details.

Volleyball Club Edit

The members of the boys' volleyball club have noted that their team is considered weak as they have always lost in the first match. However, they'd put more effort into playing this Interhigh due to inspirational words Ikejiri remembered an old friend saying. Even so, Tokonami wasn't able to get past the first match.

Members Edit

Name Number Position Year Status
Hikaru Komaki#1Captain / Wing Spiker3rd YearActive
Kazuma Chaya#3Middle Blocker3rd YearActive
Hayato Ikejiri#4Wing Spiker3rd YearActive
Hiroki Tamagawa#5Wing Spiker3rd YearActive
Yoshiharu Haga#9Setter2nd YearActive
Rikuto Shibuya#10Middle Blocker2nd YearActive
Taiga Sakurai#12Libero3rd YearActive

Interhigh-Preliminaries Edit

For Interhigh's Miyagi Preliminaries, Tokonami was registered as team 4, Block A. Their venue was the Sendai City Gymnasium, along with Block B. Because they lost in the first round to Karasuno, they only played one match on the first day.


  • According to Spring High's tournament brackets, Tokonami was registered as team 15, Group 3. It is not revealed how they did. [1]
  • Tokonami High only attend on Interhigh-Preliminaries
  • When the Little Giant was in Karasuno they beat Tokonami high in the inter high premilims. (season 2 Episode 8 ) The scores are unknown

References Edit

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