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  • Any100

    Spring High 2018 draw result

    December 3, 2017 by Any100

    Here is Spring High 2018 draw result.

    Seed 1 : Sundai Gakuen High School (Tokyo 2) Defending champion

    Seed 2 : Chinzei High School (Kumamoto) Interhigh 2017 champion

    Seed 3 : Kaichi High School (Wakayama) Interhigh 2017 runner up

    Seed 4 : Narashino High School (Chiba) Interhigh 2017 best 4


    Zone A

    Sundai Gakuen High School (Tokyo) bye to second round vs Aikodaimeiden High School (Aichi) or Sendai Shoko High School (Kagoshima)

    Aikodaimeiden High School (Aichi) vs Sendai Shoko High School (Kagoshima)

    Nihonkoku High School (Yamanashi) vs Yamagata Chuo High School (Yamagata)

    Sotoku High School High School (Hiroshima) vs Toyama Daiichi High School (Toyama)

    Zone B

    Okayama Higashi Shogyo High School (Okayama) bye to second round vs Rakunan High School (Kyot…

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  • Any100

    Spring High in real life

    November 30, 2017 by Any100

    some photos from the previous Spring High final.

    2011 final : Chinzei High School (Kumamoto) vs Tōa Gakuen High School (Tokyo) 0-3

    2012 final : Ōmura kōgyō High School (Nagasaki) vs Sōzō gakuen High School (Nagano) 3-2

    2013 final : Seijō High School (Aichi) vs Ōtsuka High School (Osaka) 3-1

    2014 final : Seijō High School (Aichi) vs Kagoshima Shōgyō High School (Kagoshima) 3-0

    2015 final : Higashi Fukuoka High School (Fukuoka) vs Ōmura kōgyō High School (Nagasaki) 3-0

    2016 final : Higashi Fukuoka High School (Fukuoka) vs Chinzei High School (Kumamoto) 3-0

    2017 final : Sundai Gakuen High School (Tokyo) vs Tōa Gakuen High School (Tokyo) 3-1

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  • Any100

    Here all 52 schools that will compete at Spring High National Tournament next January in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.

    no School Prefecture Appearances Record Last year Interhigh 2017 record
    1 Tōkaidai Sapporo High School Hokkaido 1 8th consecutive, 45th appearances Second round Best 8
    2 Kagaku Daigaku High School Hokkaido 2 2nd consecutive, 3rd appearances third round third round
    3 Hirosaki Kōgyō High School Aomori 4th consecutive, 40th appearances third round second round
    4 Omonogawa High School Akita 23th consecutive, 23th appearances first round group stage
    5 Kozukata High School Iwate first time in 6 years, 12th appearances didn't participate didn't participate
    6 Yamagata Chūō High School Yamagata 3rd concecutive, 17th appearances Second round gr…

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  • Any100

    I was watching live streaming Interhigh final beetween Chinzei High School (Kumamoto) vs Kaichi High School (Wakayama). The match ended with score 3-0 (25-21, 25-23, 25-20) Chinzei won it. It's very enjoyable to watch High School match.

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