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    Haikyuu Day - 2016

    August 18, 2016 by Asanomi Kuroki

    Wrote this for Reddit, but decided to post it here too so I could add to it more easily.

    It's currently August 19th in Japan, which means it's officially Haikyuu Day!

    Haikyuu can be rewritten as 819 because HA = 8 / haichi, I = looks like 1, and KYUU = 9 / kyū. 819 can then be read as August 19th (got this from 1qaz2wsx3edc4rfv's original post).

    There's been a couple of events going on in Japan to celebrate. 

    ""Haikyuu!!" Week in Sendai 2016" is currently being held at Sendai Station and includes a store with exclusive merchandise, free exhibitions, and a talk event with Murase Ayumu (who voices Hianta) and Ishikawa Kaito (who voices Kageyama).

    Also in Sendai are 9 life-sized panels that scattered around the city. Hinata is at Sakurano Sendai (…

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  • Asanomi Kuroki

    I couldn't find an up-to-date timeline of Haikyuu so I decided to write one.

    The goal to get down all the big events. If I happen to find any little dates on the way and they're interesting, I'll add them in. If there happen to be events that differ between the manga and the anime, I'll use the manga version since they have actual dates to them.

    For me, the start of the series is the year when Hinata enters Karasuno (instead of the year Hinata faces Kageyama during their 3rd year of middle school). I'll also be using Japan's fiscal year calendar (April to March, instead of Jan to Dec) to make things eaiser. 

    I really need to stop making blog posts lol...

    Fun fact: After comparing the days of the week and dates given, I realized that Haikyuu ta…

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  • Asanomi Kuroki

    Just a personal blog post noting the real-life references seen in Haikyuu. Will edit as I find more stuff. Free free to comment on or suggest anything~

    Since I can't remember all of Haikyuu, I've been asking people (aka reddit lol) for help. Special thanks goes to:

    • madmaster5000 (for 'Pikachu' and 'Monster Hunter')
    • ririses (for 'Campus')
    • baneofthefallenking (for 'Sony' and 'PSP')
    • andytango (for 'PSP')

    An international chain of convenience stores. It sells packaged and ready-to-eat food.

    In Haikyuu, it is renamed to "8-Eleven". It has only been seen when Nekoma goes to eat after practice in Haikyuu!! OVA: The Arrival of Haiba Lev.

    An indoor sporting arena located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. It hosts a variety of sporting events, including high sc…

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  • Asanomi Kuroki

    Updated on Aug 6th, 2017 to include volume 27.

    Made this because I couldn't find an up-to-date list of character birthdays anywhere. Based format off of Fattieschan's original list.

    1st - Asahi Azumane (Karasuno / 3rd)

    6th - Kiyoko Shimizu (Karsauno / 3rd / Manager)

    10th - Ittetsu Takeda (Karasuno / Faculty Advisor)

    19th - Aoi Himekawa (Tsubakihara / 1st)

    23rd - Hariku Komi (Fukurōdani / 3rd)

    27th - Takahiro Hanamaki (Aobajōsai / 3rd)

    10th - Takehito Sasaya (Datekou / 3rd)

    14th - Hayato Yamagata (Shiratorizawa / 3rd)

    15th - Hisashi Kinoshita (Karasuno / 2nd)

    19th - Hayato Ikejiri (Tokonami / 3rd)

    22nd - Taketora Yamamoto (Nekoma / 2nd)

    27th - Gou Akaizawa (Kaji Wild Dogs)

    1st - Issei Matsukawa (Aobajōsai / 3rd)

    1st - Shigeru Yahaba (Aobajōsai / 2nd)

    3rd -…

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