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    I haven't created a blog post in quite a while, and I've been on hiatus for a while (although that was obvious but still unannounced). I'm trying to do more things for the Wiki, and I know I'll try my best but with some new changes:

    1) First of all, any sort of blog post with proposals, suggestions, progress, and etc. is now "archived" and therefore void. As explained in my new profile, I'm basically declaring anything I've done really that can be taken as an idea for something else in the future canceled. This includes anything from before my profile was updated (July 24th, 2017). I'm trying to do a big "wipe" persay and start new since I find that all this stuff clutters me, and I just want to start again. Anything that staff want to take…

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    I haven't made a blog post or anything in a while, but I had generally updated some posts the last time I did that were more like personal entries or whatever, just not necessarily anything newsworthy to put into a forum or have a Wiki-made blog post about. So, that's what I'm going to (hopefully) do with this one! It's going to hold small announcements that mostly involve myself since this is a user blog post so stuff like what I'm or some other admins are planning to but wouldn't necessarily be considered anything important to oficially announce yet or maybe some concerns about the Wiki, etc. For now I've got nothing to write about but the fact that:

    • I'm sorry that I spammed the Wiki history by accident via gallery editing. My mistake, I'm …
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    Best Icons NA, no credit required:







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    Work Progress

    October 23, 2015 by Fattieschan

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    Profile Page Fix-up

    Add/fix birthdays to Birthday blog post 0%

    1/31/15: Been quite a while since I've written, much less did much active or major work on the Wiki. As of late, I have not patrolled the Wiki Activity as much as I would like to admit due to a whole number of problems I've encountered, but I will still try to do my best in checking up and fitting work where it is needed or required. I cannot make much problems, but I was here most of the time, and I will be once again. Jin has just been granted an official role, not as high as we would like to put Jin at, but it is Jin's choice, so we are extremely excited and happy for it. Jin has been patrolling the activity and keeping it i…

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    The following is a list of the birthdays of Haikyū!! characters with pages on the Wiki.


    (Years are unspecified) 

    • 1st- Asahi Azumane
    • 6th- Kiyoko Shimizu
    • 10th- Ittetsu Takeda
    • 23rd- Hariku Komi
    • 27th- Takahiro Hanamaki

    • 10th- Takehito Sasaya
    • 14th- Hayato Yamagata
    • 15th- Hisashi Kinoshita
    • 19th- Hayato Ikejiri
    • 22nd- Taketora Yamamoto

    • 1st- Issei Matsukawa
    • 1st- Shigeru Yahaba
    • 3rd- Ryūnosuke Tanaka
    • 8th- Akiteru Tsukishima
    • 25th- Akira Kunimi

    • 3rd- Shinji Watari
    • 3rd- Yūdai Hyakuzawa
    • 5th- Keishin Ukai
    • 8th- Nobuyuki Kai
    • 14th- Wataru Onaga
    • 15th- Taichi Kawanishi
    • 16th- Hanayama Kazumasa
    • 18th- Yuuji Terushima

    • 4th- Kenjirō Shirabu
    • 5th- Saeko Tanaka
    • 20th- Satori Tendō

    • 6th- Yūtarō Kindaichi
    • 10th- Hajime Iwaizumi
    • 11th- Kawatabi Shunki
    • 13th- Kōshi Sugawara
    • 21st- Shōyō Hinata

    • 9th- Kanj…

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