I haven't created a blog post in quite a while, and I've been on hiatus for a while (although that was obvious but still unannounced). I'm trying to do more things for the Wiki, and I know I'll try my best but with some new changes:

1) First of all, any sort of blog post with proposals, suggestions, progress, and etc. is now "archived" and therefore void. As explained in my new profile, I'm basically declaring anything I've done really that can be taken as an idea for something else in the future canceled. This includes anything from before my profile was updated (July 24th, 2017). I'm trying to do a big "wipe" persay and start new since I find that all this stuff clutters me, and I just want to start again. Anything that staff want to take up and actually make into something if perfectly fine with me though. I am pretty much trying to be a better administrator reborn. 

2) I'm refraining from doing any content-related work, this meaning I am not going to try to update character or plot pages since that isn't necessarily my strong point. To be perfectly honest, my interest with the series has dropped, and I am no longer caught up with the series. However due to some demands, I am staying in my position to do my best to help other administrators. I decided to take up only technical work, meaning affiliations, disciplinary stuff, coding even, and all that stuff. I've proposed many times that someone else take up this position, but I've really been encouraged everytime to continue my position, and because of that, I really would like to continue to try my best on this Wiki. Thanks for that btw.

Anyways, that's it for now I think. I'm just updating this all up in case anyone really wanted to know (I have doubts tho lol). Thank-you for all your support on this wiki. I'm gonna try although it's really not garunteed, and if I go on haitus again, I still actually do check up on the Wiki for messages just to help keep everything stable (although I'm not really doing that; you guys are). I'm staying in this position again to keep everything stable (not that I do much anymore) since a Wiki without a bureaucrat is no Wiki.