I don't know if anyone already made a blog post for this but I decided to make a list of all the manga character profiles for reference. Because (mostly) fandom users continue to change the statistics of characters without really knowing how the wiki works hopefully this will clear up some things.

The wiki goes by the OFFICIAL stats from the manga volumes.

We understand that the characters have improved a lot throughout the series, Hinata for example, but the wiki tries it's best to provide the most accurate canon information. We can't just guess or assume their stats to our own opinions.

I'll update the blog whenever new stats come out. Hopefully there will be less users changing the stats... but part of me bets it won't help anything LOL.

Note: Stats go clockwise from top of the chart

Karasuno High

Aobajōsai High

Nekoma High

Date Tech High

Fukurōdani Academy

Shiratorizawa Academy

Nohebi Academy

Tsubakihara Academy

Inarizaki High School

Sarukawa Tech High

Kamomedai High

Itachiyama Academy

None so far...

Shinzen High

Ubugawa High

None so far...

Tokonami High

Ougiminami High

Kakugawa High

Johzenji High

Wakutani South High