"Vobaca!! The Road to Becoming the Champion!!"
Vobaca! The Road to Becoming the Champion!
Japanese title バボカ!!最強への道!!
translation title Baboka!! Saikyō E No Michi!!
Chapter Information
Volume The Struggles of the Weak-Willed
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Director Ennoshita

"Vobaca!! The Road to Becoming the Champion!!" (Japanese: バボカ!!最強への道! Baboka!! Saikyō E No Michi!!) is the second extra chapter in Volume 14. The book was published on December 27, 2014.

Overview Edit

Hinata yearns to become the best Vobaca!! player and after defeating everyone in Karasuno High, travels to Tokyo to find stronger opponents. He makes his way to the top and faces off against Kenma.

Plot Edit

The story begins with Hinata introducing himself while holding a volleyball. He announces that he loves volleyball and wants to become so strong that nobody will be able to beat him at it. However, it often seems like there are guys who are way bigger and stronger than him at every turn. Still, no matter how huge his opponents are, when it comes to the card game Vobaca!! he won't be defeated.

Hinata then beats Kageyama, who's shocked and angry. Hinata's incredulous and is ecstatic that he beat someone who's 20 cm taller than him. On the side, Yamaguchi asks if height is even relevant when it come to card games. Hinata then goes on to beat Daichi, who comments that the card game feels like a real match, and Asahi, who thinks that being able to use quicks and stuff like that is quite deep. Tsukishima adds that height seriously has nothing to do with the game. With no more opponents to beat, Hinata heads out to find stronger opponents–in Tokyo, and Sugawara calls out to Hinata to be back home in time for dinner.

Hinata easily defeats Bokuto, who argues that he can't win unless a card with him on it is available, and Lev who throws his arms up in defeat alongside Bokuto. Hinata then begins to wonder if there are no worthy opponents in Tokyo either. Kuroo then interrupts and reminds Hinata of the resident "Brain" and the strongest gamer of the Haikyū!! universe–Kenma Kozume.

They challenge each other to a game but before it can start, Kageyama spikes a ball into the back of Hinata's head and yells at him to just play volleyball.

Appearances Edit

Chapter notes Edit

Character revelations Edit

  • Bokuto is a national level ace.
  • Kenma is the strongest gamer in the Haikyū!! universe.

Trivia Edit

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