He is an efficient player. He should have come to our school. -No matter where he is, Oikawa is a setter that can bring the absolute best out of his team. If the team's absolute best is still weak, there's nothing more to be done. If it's strong he'll make it as strong as possible. That is his ability.
To Hinata and Kageyama about Oikawa, Season 2, Episode 1

An excellent seedling needs suitably excellent soil. It can't yield first-rate fruit on barren land.
To Hinata and Kageyama about Oikawa and Aobajōsai, Chapter 77

The school has no need of a setter who can't devote himself to me, the ace.
To Kageyama, Chapter 77

No matter how capable you lot may be, you'll see that we never weaken.
To Hinata and Kageyama, Chapter 77

With movements like those, I figured you would also be good at receives and blocks. You can't compete where height's concerned, so what are you doing with such an infantile level of skill?
To Hinata, Chapter 166

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