Tōru Oikawa

Ushijima recognizes Oikawa's talent and skills, and has stated that he is an excellent player and should have attended Shiratorizawa to cultivate his talent because he draws out the maximum potential of whatever team he is on; however, Oikawa aims to defeat him. Ushijima himself doesn't appear concerned with actually having him as a teammate, and he doesn't bring it up again, implying that the comment may have just been for Oikawa's benefit instead of Shiratorizawa's. When Karasuno and Shiratorizawa play in a match, Oikawa appears and sits in the audience, and he tells Iwaizumi that he won't be happy no matter who wins.

Satori Tendō

Tendō admires Ushijima's spiking form and often gives friendly gestures towards him. However, when Tendō talks to Ushijima, their conversations are very one-sided due to Ushijima's simplistic nature and Tendo's enthusiasm. They do seem to be close, as Tendō calls Ushijima by his first name, and the latter doesn't seem to mind. After closing the gap between Shiratoirizawa and Karasuno in the 4th set, Ushijima quoted Tendō. Following their match against Karasuno, Tendō told Ushijima that he was looking forward to seeing him on TV in the future and be able to say that he was Ushijima's best friend.

Takashi Utsui

When he was very young, Ushijima's parents divorced and his father moved overseas. Utsui was a former volleyball player who quit due to an injury, but made sure to train his son to love volleyball like he does. Ushijima's mother initially disliked his left-handedness and wanted to change it because it's not a trait that runs in her family but Utsui persuaded her to keep it, insisting that the left-handedness could become Ushijima's greatest power, and it did. Ushijima also bases his volleyball ideals on encounters with his father. His father would describe the ace of his team as a tall, strong guy that everyone on the team trusted, something that Ushijima aspires to become.

Shiratorizawa Academy

Ushijima is well respected by his team, and gets along with them well. On several occasions he has apologized for mistakes, and his teammates forgive and encourage him. Most of the third years call him by his first name. Reon compliments Ushijima after he performs good moves, and Tendou pats Ushijima on occasion. Ushijima is usually seen with Shirabu and talks to him about other teams from time to time. He made a promise with Shirabu prior to the Shiratorizawa match. The first year Goshiki wants to become the ace and has bothered Ushijima about it, though Ushijima doesn’t see him as a threat. Semi has gotten defensive about him when he thinks people aren't treating Ushijima properly.

Let's Go To Tokyo!!
Tobio Kageyama and Shōyō Hinata

Ushijima is surprised that the two can keep up with his pace while jogging. However, he looks down on Kageyama because of Kageyama's playing style during middle school. After Ushijima claims that the only good player from Aobajōsai High was Oikawa, Hinata and Kageyama announced that they would take Ushijima down, and Ushijima seems to begin to take them seriously.

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