Don't you DARE give up on the shots I've worked so hard to receive!! I'm a libero! A vital part of our team's formation! And yet, scoring points is impossible for me... I'm not allowed to attack. And I have no intention of blaming you, no matter how many of your spikes don't go through. But to just accept defeat so selfishly... That's something I cannot forgive!
To Asahi, during their fight[1]

My role is to strictly 'connect' everyone. I can't fight in the sky -- that's the spikers' domain. But I will, without fail, get the ball to them at the highest point possible. No matter how many times it bounces back off a 'wall', if I can just get to it, then our ace will definitely score. The ball which has rebounded off the wall... just you watch! This time as well, I'll raise it up, so please, call out for a toss once more, ace!
To Asahi, about his role as a libero[2]

My hand's thickness is about 2 cm. Perhaps my hands are a lot smaller than those of other boys my age... But that 2 cm gap between the ball and the floor is the ace's lifeline!
To himself, about supporting Asahi[3]

Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, get over here. I've got an important lecture to give you, so crouch down! No, wait, sit down! Get yourselves lower than my line of sight!
To his underclassmen, preparing to "educate" them[4]

Who cares how it sounds? If a spiker is able to score because of you, the decoy, then your position is just as important!
To Hinata when the latter loses faith in his 'decoy' tag
Alright! There's nothing to be scared of! You guys just keep looking straight ahead. I'll guard your backs with my life if I have to!
To his team before their second match against Date High[5]

Oi guys, don't you start freaking out now! If we fall, let's fall forward!
To the Karasuno team during Aobajōsai's match point at the Inter-High tournament[6]

No matter how hard I struggle, it's a fact that tall guys have the advantage in volleyball. Right here and now, he's the tallest around. But that doesn't matter for liberos. I'm the only one who can combat him on equal footing.
Nishinoya talking about Wakatoshi[7]
To All
ROLLING THUNDER!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
To all


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